Saturday, March 17, 2007

March Madness Day Three

The first week of the tournament is my favorite, maybe that is why I wouldn't mind seeing the madness expanded to 96-128 teams. Realistically while we have seen some pretty good games so far there hasn't been any earth shaking upsets as of yet, plus we have seen some teams that were definitely over classed such as Niagra.

The second round starts today. The big game most of us will be watching is WSU vs Vanderbilt. Should be a pretty good game that will go down to the buzzer. Vandy was pretty impressive against GW. The Cougars have their work cut out to get to Sweet Sixteen.

Husky Women are One and Done

Once the 3-pointers started falling and the crowd started rocking, Washington didn't stand a chance. Nicky Wieben scored 11 of her 18 points in the second half and Toccara Ross added 12 points to lead the sixth-seeded Cyclones to a 79-60 victory over 11th-seeded Washington in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament on Saturday. Iowa State (26-8) overcame a shoddy start by shutting down Huskies star Cameo Hicks early. Hicks finished with 19 points for Washington (18-13), but missed seven of her first nine shots and didn't get going until the game was out of reach midway through the second half.

I don't think just getting there was enough for June to keep her job. I am pretty sure Turner has had someone else in mind for quite some time. Every school Turner has been at has had a stellar womens basketball program. Look for him to make a change if the right person is available. Look for the Daugherty's to land on their feet.

Ohio State pull's it out in overtime

Xavier vs Ohio St has been a great game so far. Xavier leads by nine with around seven minutes to go in the game. Greg Oden has been on the sidelines because of foul trouble. Xavier is about to knock off the #1 seed leading 59-50 with 2:54 left in the game. Ohio State just hit a threemand then stole the inbound pass, then they hit a basket and are fouled in the 59-58 Xavier with 1:35 left. Xavier heads to the line for two, and hits both 61-58 with 1:14 left. Oden heads to the line after a foul and bricks the first and hits the second. 61-59 Xavier with less 43.3 remaining. Oden makes a great defensive play but Ohio State does not convert at the other end, Oden fouls out with just 9.3 ticks left. Xavier heads to the line to shoot two, if they hit them both consider it over. Xavier hits only one. Ohio State hits a three with 2 seconds to go and we are going to overtime. Greg Oden has fouled out so Xavier has an advantage so to speak. Just a fantastic game, and yes I always root for the mid majors. Ohio State is leading 76-67 with a minute to go and it looks like they have survived the scare.

Butler Bounces Maryland

Butler and Maryland have tipped off and it is 19-18 Terrapins midway through the first half. 6:43 left in the second half and Butler is leading 51-46. 61-59 with four seconds left in the game and Buler is at the line. Butler hits one of the two, 62-59, and there is a scramble on the floor after the shot....Butler is headed to the Sweet Sixteen!

Texas A&M Edges Louisville

Louisville and Texas A&M are knotted up at 28 at the half. 35-29 Louisville with around 17 minutes left in the second half. Louisville is about to take control of this one. I wasn't impressed with the Aggie's on Thursday. 16:18 left and A&M leads by one 35-34 but Louisville is stepping up the press. 9:02 left in this one and is tied at 56. The game is being played in Lexington so there is a very loud Louisville contingent. 5:58 left and the Cardinals have stretched it out a bit to a 63-57 lead. 3:48 left and it is Louisville 65-62. 3:24 left and A&M leads 66-65.

This is another fantastic game and with 1:46 left A&M leads 68-67. 29.8 seconds to go, and Louisville just missed two at the line. A&M heads to the line after the scramble and misses two. So it is 70-69 A&M with 16.4 seconds left and Louisville has the ball for what could be the last shot. Louisville gets a poor shot off and A&M gets the rebound and is immediately fouled with 1.7 seconds left. Texas A&M advances 72-69.

Vanderbilt beats WSU in Double Overtime

Vanderbilt, and WSU have tipped off and the Cougars are off to a 9-8 lead. 12:06 left in the first half and the game is tied at 13. We have two very disciplined teams out there on the floor that are pretty evenly matched. The team who makes the least mistakes will win this one. 8:35 left and the Cougars are up 18-13. 6:32 left and it is WSU 20-14. 4:48 and it is 22-19 WSU, this one is starting to heat up a bit. 3:03 and WSU is up 28-21. WSU 31 -23 after a very nice three from the corner, 2:16 left in the half. 33-25 WSU at the half. 39-30 with 16:09 left.

The second half has started and the Cougars still lead 37-27. It looks like the Cougars have been wearing the Commodore's down. 15:27 left 41-33 WSU leads. 11:24 left and Vandy is scratching itself back into the game trailing by only two points. 51-49 WSU and the Cougars have their hands full in this one, 10:04 remaining.

Oh oh...Vandy has taken the lead 55-52 over WSU with 7:43 left. No need to panic Coug fans, but they need to start shooting better. 56-55 WSU with six minutes to go. 3:22 left and WSU holds on to a 58-57 lead.

59-57 WSU with 1:45 left. 1:10 left and Vandy hits a three to take a 60-59 lead. Coug's hit one at the line to tie it at 60. Vandy has the ball with 37 seconds left in the game. 24.1 left and Ivory Clark makes a great defensive stop. This one is headed to overtime.

67-64 with 2:14 left in overtime as Vandy hits a three to take the lead, but Low answers 67-66 Vandy with 1:45 left. 69-66 Vandy with 40 seconds left, and WSU hits a three to tie. 30 seconds left Vandy is playing for the last shot, and loses the ball out of bounds but keeps possession. 8 seconds left and the season is in the blance for the Cougars.

Vandy did more things right than the Cougars in the second overtime, but WSU still had a chance at the end but couldn't put the ball in the hole. Vandy advances 78-74.

Georgetown Escapes BC

Georgetown has moved out to a 12-7 lead, BC just went on a five point run. 11:48 left and GTown is up 15-8. 17-14 Hoya's, and Kate is predicting an 8:06 left and it is tied at 19. 7:41 left and GTown is up 22-19. The Eagles though have picked it up. BC now leads 28-24 with 3:53 left in the first half. 28-24 BC with around 2 minutes to go. 30-26 BC at the half. Nice half for BC.

BC leads 36-29 with 18:oo left.....could be an upset brewing here. 12:07 left and it is tied at 39. Georgetown is asserting itself on the glass and takes a 41-39 lead with 11:25 remaining. This one is going down to the wire and you have to appreciate the athletes the Hoya's put on the floor. 50-49 Hoya's lead. 1:58 left in this one and GTown 56-53. BC loses 62-55.

Virginia Commonwealth Falls to Pittsburgh in OT

These guys just tipped off. I think Pitt's backcourt is going to be exposed this afternoon, 9-6 Pitt with 16:13 left in the first. 16-11 Pitt with around 12 minutes left. 8:58 left and Pit still leads 22-15. Pitt leads 24-19 with 7:23 left. 28-19 Pitt with 5:16 left in the half. 34-22 with 4:15 left in the half. 3:46 and it 34-22. I have been waiting for VCU to make a move with the quickness in the backcourt but Pitt has held them in check so far. Time for VCU to turn up the pressure.

51-36 Pitt with around ten minutes left. VCU hasn't been able to put up a challenge. 35-16 run by VCU has tied the game with one minute to go. This one ended up in overtime after not being very competitve early. 33.5 left and it is 80-77 Pitt. 80-79 with 19 seconds left and Pitt is at the line. 82-79 Pitt with 19 to go. Pitt wins 84-79.

North Carolina Pulls away from Michigan State

Michigan St and North Carolina have tipped off with UNC grabbing an early 6-4 lead. UNC is another #1 seed in peril since Michigan State is a pretty good team. 11:28 left and UNC leads 19-18. 26-23 with 7:58 to go. 36-27 UNC with 4:37 left. 41-33 UNC at the half. 43-38 with 19:11 left. 48-47 UNC with 12:52 left. 54-54 with 9:34 left. MSU has been staying in this thing all night. 62-59 with six minutes to go UNC. 1:53 in this one and UNC looks like they have put it away leading 74-65. 81-67 UNC wins.

UCLA Holds Off Indiana

They have finally have tipped off and the Bruins are off to a 6-0 lead. Shades of Henry is only 10-9 UCLA with 7:59 left in the first half. 13-11 with 5:49 to go in the high scoring affair. 15:11 with 2:06 left. 20-13 UCLA at the half. 34-22 with 11:51 to go.

UCLA wakes up in the second half and goes on a 7-0 run, 27-13 UCLA. 41-29 with 7:16 left in the game. Looks like UCLA will advance unless something drastic happens. Drastic has happened as usual in this tournament, and Indiana has rallied. 2:38 left and it is 46-43 UCLA. 1:44 left, and it is 47-45. 1:01 left and Indiana has tied it at 49. 38 seconds left 51-49 UCLA. 53-49 UCLA with 28 seconds left. UCLA wins 54-49.

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