Friday, March 23, 2007

Weekly Poll Question

Last week we asked how many points per game you thought the Husky offense would generate per game in 2007. The readers responded with 28-30 points per game. I agree, I think in year three of Ty and Lappano with a prodigy at QB, and replenished talent at the other skill positions you expect at least a TD per game improvement over the last three years. To be exact I am thinking 30 ppg next year. 30 ppg last year could have put UW in the Rose Bowl....ok maybe I am getting a little carried away here, but it would have meant a decent bowl game.

All the parts are in place for the marked improvement as far as I am concerned, and anything less means the program isn't advancing schedule. Three years with the same coaches, more talent on hand, and more familiarity with the schemes should do the trick.

This Weeks Question

Will Todd Turner hire a man, or a woman to be the next women's basketball coach?

This search may be the only interesting thing going on at Montlake till Spring practice starts, and it is an important hire since basketball should be the cornerstone program in women's athletic's at UW.

Washington has never had a male, womens basketball coach, and Turner is on record saying he would prefer a woman, but there is a perceived shortage of elite women coaches in the womens basketball coaching ranks. Not everyone can have a Pat Summit lead their program, and that is the type of individual he says he is looking for.


hairofthedawg said...

Not that I think it's the way it should be done, but I think he's too politically correct to hire a male coach. My answer probably should have been who cares, because I prefer the best candidate, but that's my perception of him.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I think he will pick the best candidate regardless. If it is a woman that's a plus.

Who care's is pretty valid, it is womens basketball, but it's spring, and it is one of the only things going on.