Saturday, March 03, 2007

Huskies Mangle Bruins

Jon Brockman and Spencer Hawes combined for 33 points and 28 rebounds and led Washington to its biggest win of the season, a 61-51 upset of No. 2 UCLA today.

I have to watch via TIVO(Delayed)today due to prior committments, but caught part of the game on XM radio. Great win for the Dawgs that should give them momentum going into the tournament.

Bob Condotta has the complete scoop in his blog.

This was the team everyone expected to see all season, finally showing the potential that had them ranked No. 8 early in the year. Two dominating inside players, timely shooting, solid defense all the way around. A lot of momentum to take into the Pac-10 Tournament, where the Huskies will be the scariest No. 7 seed in the history of that event.

What do I think about today's win? Well we are tough at home, but still lack a single definitive raod victory. This is the same team that lost to Oregon State last week.

Next week we see what they can do in a neutral venue.


hairofthedawg said...

That was definitely worth staying awake for and I'll agree with you about next week and the road, but that wasn't the same team that lost to OSU. I didn't see that one, but had the team shown anywhere near the defensive intensity and similar resilience and patience in the face of some damn good defense on UCLA's part, no way they lose to the Beavers.

I won't say it was pretty, but I loved every minute of it. Hopefully we'll carry what appears to me to be confident intensity into the tourney and beyond.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I watched it on my Tivo later this afternoon and it looked like the team finally put together a complete game defensively. Obviously it was the best effort of the season by the Dawg's and seems to bode well for the Pac Ten Tournament.

Bottomline is if you can beat UCLA you can beat anyone in the country. Too bad the tournament isn't in Seattle.

prrbrr said...

Got back today from a most satisfying trip to SEA. The dawgs played really well both games, leaving me to wonder what if, and why? Better late than never, I hope we can do well in the PAC10 tourney, but if they play with their mental faculties, they are capable of beating anyone anytime anywhere. That said, its always real tough to beat a team 3 times in a season. ASU did beat Cal this past weekend so they are on an upswing also. I do like our bracket however, beat ASU, beat WSU and get either USC/Stanford till championship game. Crowd was really into both games at Hec Ed. oNe thing that bothered me was the empty seats for both games, many in premier spots. My guess was about 300 seats unoccupied for UCLA and probably twice that for USC. At the Luncheon with Lorenzo to honor the seniors Burmeister, Gasser and the senior manager, the lady we were seated with said to come down to her section as the 4 seats next to her are owned by a couple who spend their time at Palm Springs, and she said their seats have been empty for almost all the games. We didn't take her up on her offer as my nephew purchased great seats and then gave them to us for letting him use our tickets when we were unable to make it, and then took our seats in the rafters for the game. BTW, the seats my nephew purchased were from a corporate account, whio mostly turns around and sells the tickets on line. There were even 4 seats empty in our row. Something about people with too much money. Anyway, looking forward to the PAC 10 tourney, hoping for a very long run by the dawgs. IF they can just win the next 10 games, we will be set.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Bob Condotta thinks there is a possibility that we could make the Big Dance even if we don't win the tournament. I would think that we need to get as far as the championship game.

Hawes rebounding....what a concept, this was the first time all year he has agressively worked the boards. I wonder why he waited this long to assert himself?