Thursday, March 01, 2007

UW takes care of USC

The Huskies take on the Trojan's tonight, and try to get some momentum going for the Pac Ten tournament. According to Bob Condotta, if the Huskies win at least one game this weekend and end up tied with Cal, UW will have the tiebreaker on the Bears and finish with the No. 7 seed. That means a first-round game with Arizona State and a likely second-rounder with WSU, an easier road, probably, than having to face Oregon State-UCLA in the first two rounds.

14:23 left in the first half, and the Huskies are up 13-11, Brockman and Dentmon are doing most of the damage with six apiece. Nick Young has seven for the Trojan's.

9:14 left, and Washington is up 23-19, Dentmon now has 11 points in the first half. At the 6:23 mark Washington is making a run and has the lead up to 34-26. The Huskies are shooting over 62% in the first half, and are 7-11 from 3 point range. 4:37 left, and it is UW 37-28.

Over in Pullman the Cougars are down to UCLA 39-31 with 11:30 left.

It's half time, and the Huskies are up 48-37. Appleby leads the way with 13 followed by Dentmon, and Brockman who both have 11. UW has 9-13 from three point range and is shooting 55% on the evening so far. USC coach Tim Floyd picked up a technical near the end of the half, he isn't happy about the way his team is playing tonight. Brockman has 6 boards, while Hawes is right behind him with 5.

17:58 left in this one and the Huskies look like they are going to stretch this one out leading 53-39. A big key so far is the Dawg's have only turned it over 7 times all night, not to mention they are shooting the lights out of the gym, and owning the boards.

15:20 left and it is 58-47 UW. USC has 5 fouls and that means UW will be in the bonus come crunch time. Isn't playing at home in the Pac Ten great? The Trojan's are shooting 54% on the night, so the three pointers have been the difference tonight for UW. Hawes is 2-7 from the field and only has 5 points, but look for Washington to start getting the ball inside to him the rest of the by the three, die quickly by the three.

12:08 left, and the Huskies are cooling down a bit while the Trojan's are trying to mount a run. The lead which was once 17, at 58-41, is now down to 8, 62-54 UW. The Huskies have 9 turnovers tonight, and have given up 5 steals. USC is now in the bonus.... . Get the ball inside to Hawes!

9:57 left and both teams are now in the bonus, UW leads 65-54. the ref's are getting a little involved with the whistle so there is going to be a lot of foul shots as this game winds down. Phil Nelson has 7 points so far on the night. USC is 2-6 from the line tonight, while UW has a big advantage at 11-17.

7:46 left and USC has cut the lead to 67-60, the Huskies need to heat up and stop fouling the Trojans. 7:08 and they are trading baskets as the Trojans closed it to 5, UW up 69-64....this one is in doubt with 6:27 left.

4:52 and UW is clinging to a 73-64 lead hoping they can hold it together long enough for USC to start fouling. 3:51 and UW leads 72-66. USC is a couple of possesions away from taking this to the wire. UW needs to burn some time and keep scoring.

2:00 left in the game and the Huskies lead 78-68. Spencer has scored the last four points for UW. Hawes hit another, followed by another 2 from Appleby and it looks like UW has enough buffer to hold on to win this one. UW leads 82-69 and all USC can do now is foul.

0:30 left and the Huskies are up 84-69, put this one down as a big victory for UW. This win will really help them out with seeding for the tournament. For USC the loss will coast them seeding in the tournament, and possibly in the NCAA's.

The Huskies are led tonight by Appleby with 22, Brockman with 17, Hawes with 13, and Dentmon with 12 who was basically shut down in the second half. Huskies win 85-70.

Over in Pullman UCLA is starting to pull away in low scoring game leading 47-37 with 8:30 left. Ten points isn't a lot, but it represents more than 1/4 of the points the Cougars have scored all night, so it doesn't look good for the Crimson, and Grey.

UCLA wins 53-45, but the Cougars did make it interesting but didn't have the gas to get by the #2 team in the country. UCLA does what UW doesn't do, and that is control the tempo no matter who, or what speed they are playing against.


hairofthedawg said...

Cool, that's about how I saw the game progressing watching via yahoo sports at work. Very nice win by the Huskies. Did Appleby seem as aggressive offensively as he did against Oregon? I like him getting some confidence heading into the tourney...Dentmon as well.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Appleby didn't start off hot, but he started hitting as the game went on. Hawes iced it in the last five minutes as they started getting the ball inside to him. Dentmon dissapeared in the second half and that allowed USC to get a little closer, but he played a decent overall game.