Friday, March 16, 2007

Weekly Poll Question

Last weeks question was a follow up to the previous weeks question. How many yards of total offense per game do you expect the Huskies to gain in 2007?

The decided majority expected Washington to average around 400 yards per game which would be a huge improvement over the last few years. I agree, and think the Huskies will be more potent on offense. In fact I think they average a little over 400 yards per game in 2007.

I penciled the Huskies in for 195 rushing yards per game, and if you go back a few posts to last weeks post I explain the reasoning behind it. The other component of total offense is of course the passing game which is another area Washington has struggled with since Cody Pickett was injured a few years ago.

There is a new sheriff in town by the name of Jake Locker. Now I don't expect him to win a Heisman in his second year, I do expect him to be able to pass more accurately, and make better reads than Stanback which will result in less turnovers, and more receivers being involved. How many times have we watched Husky QB's the last four years lock on their primary receiver only to miss other open guys out there. I think Locker will be an improvement in that area.

The Huskies passed the ball for an average of 193 yards per game last year using three different signal callers. Stanback averaged only 165 yards passing per game in his eight appearances last year. I think that can be improved on quite a bit.

Locker is going to have better targets next year, let me explain why.

Marcel Reese is going to be stud now that he is in shape, knows the offense, and is familiar with the QB's. As far as possession receiving goes the Huskies have four seniors, Ellis, Russo, Williams, and a healthy Quinton Daniels. They add speed and big play ability with Boyles who should be in the rotation from the get go. Don't count out Aguilar who is also very talented.

We need to use our TE's, and FB's better this season. Kirton, Gottleib, and Lewis all return, and Izbicki could play early since Ty feels he is the complete package. Homer has the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield which has been lacking from the position for a few years.

Locker is a mobile QB, just like Bonnell, and Stanback were, this helps a young offensive line, and buys some time to make things happen. With more balance being provided by the running game the Huskies should have less third, and longs this season which gives them less predictability.

USC led the conference in passing last year with an average of 263 yards per game.
Oregon led the conference in total offense with 423 per game.

I think the Huskies will be pretty balanced passing for just under 200 per game, and running the ball for about the same amount. That would give the Huskies around 390 yards per game by my estimation. Not exactly BCS material unless you have a great defense, like SC did last year, but it will get you to a bowl game.

Scoring average at Washington has been a problem during the rebuilding process. The Huskies have only averaged around 20-21 points per game over the last three years, and that won't do it. The Dawg's need to figure out a way to score 10 more points per game to make a move to the upper division, and increasing their total offense by 80 yards per game, and having a stronger running game to pick up those first downs in short yardage situations will go a long way toward solving the problem.

This Weeks Poll Question

How many points per game will Washington score next season?

We already figured in a balanced offense averaging around 400 yards per game. We also know the the Dawg's have been averaging around 20-21 points per game over the last few years. California led the conference last year scoring around 32 points per game, while USC, and Oregon tallied in with 30.5, and 29.5 respectively.

The question is how many extra points, will 80 extra yards, improved special teams, and hopefully a more opportunistic defense get you in 2007?

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