Thursday, March 08, 2007

WSU beats UW for third straight time

Pretty exciting day so far in the tournament, first Oregon cruised by Arizona to start the day 69-50. The Duck's are looking very dangerous right now. California came up with a big time upset, and made the Huskies road to the title a little easier by knocking off UCLA 76-69 in overtime. Underdog Stanford is on top of USC at the half 42-31. 5:21 now left and USC has closed the gap after trailing most of the game to 59-58.

The Huskies are facing a team tonight that they haven't beaten in two years. They got close last time in Seattle, but they are going to have their work cut out for them. Win this one tonight, and the Huskies will face a couple of teams they have beaten this year, and played well against. See you at tip off.

Stanford and USC are tied at 69 at the end of regulation, so they are going to overtime which will make this a pretty late start back here in Chicago. USC wins in overtime 83-76 and advances to play the winner of the UW/WSU game tomorrow.

Tight evenly played game so far with WSU leading 13-11 with 12:04 to go in the first half. Washington is working patiently for high percentage shots. Low scoring game as usual with Washington leading 19-17 with 6:38 left. The Huskies aren't rushing it out there, and Artem Wallace is playing pretty well tonight. Ivory Clark has hit a couple in a row, but UW still has a 23-21 lead at the 4:33 mark. Pondexter is playing well tnoight, he has scored the last two baskets and UW leads 25-21. Dawg's are playing some great defense tonight, and dominating the boards. Appleby hits from long range and Washington is now up 28-21.

Lowe hits for five points in two possessions, Appleby hits another 3, and Rochester of WSU hits another for 2, followed by another Wallace basket, and it is 33-28. Wallace is playing great tonight with Hawes in foul trouble.

Appleby is hot tonight and hits another from long distance and the Huskies lead by 6, Coug's answer for 2 before the half ends, and Washington heads into the locker room leading 36-32.

The Huskies are led by Pondexter with 10, Appleby with 9, Wallace with 8, and Brockman 7. Very balanced scoring attack tonight for the Dawg's. Hawes has been on the bench most of the half with foul trouble, but Wallace has responded with his best game as a Dawg. UW needs to just keep doing what they have been doing to get a victory....great half.

First half starts a little sloppy, and Cowgill is leading the charge for WSU, 36-35 UW. Brockman has hit the last two baskets for the Dawg's, love it when he gets going, 40-37 with 17 minutes left. Coug's go on a five point run to take the lead 42-40. WSU is doing a good job penetrating on offense to start the second half. The Huskies need to figure out an answer, 45-41 WSU with 15:46 left.

Huskies are getting sloppy on offense and the Cougars are on a 9-1 run, 48-43 WSU with 13:48 left. Great block by Adrian Oliver on the defensive end.

8:11 left and this game is getting physical, but it is a well officiated game. Oliver has scred twice in the last minute and the score is tied 54-54 after a 9-2 UW run. Cowgill hits for two, 56-54 WSU, 7:04 remaining.

3:41 left in this one and WSU leads 61-58. UW needs a run right now to be in control during the last minute. Dentmon just fouled out with 3:08 left...that could be a problem. I wonder who is going to handle the rock?

Spencer drops one and it is 63-60 with 2:30 left, and Hawes draws his 4th foul on the defensive end, Romar has to leave him in. Coug's hit both shots and are back up by five. Pondexter for 2, Coug's by 3. Coug's hit a three, then Spencer answers for 2, 68-64.

Cougars should win this one, they take a 70-64 lead with 30 seconds left in the game. Washington loses the last three minutes of the game like they did in Seattle, but give the Coug's credit, they made the shots they had to make, and the Huskies played well even though they lost tonight. 74-64 WSU.


hairofthedawg said...

Another foul on Hawes after 30 seconds? Was it legit or one of those "let's call the game a little tighter" calls?

Health Insurance Expert said...

The foul was legit, the officials called a great game tonight and let the players perform.

DCDawgfan said...

The Huskies should have a Three-Headed beast in the paint next season with the nice development of Wallace. If the Huskies don't get significantly better play at the PG spot thought, this team won't go nearly as far as talent and coaching dictate it should. In March Dentmon should be playing like he's a Junior, but he takes too many questionable shots, is a poor ballhandler and just does not feed the interior very well. I really hope Overton can add some solid minutes.