Friday, March 02, 2007

Weekly Poll Question

Last week we asked who would be Washington's leading receiver in 2007 and most of you voted for Marcel Reese, so did I. I think he has the best tool set going into 2007.

This weeks question is a little more difficult, so I am going to add a little background information. This weeks question is how many total rushing yards do you expect Washington to pick up during the 13 game slate in 2007?

Just for reference Washington averaged 127 YPG last year, and 1535 for the year during a 12 game schedule. Over a 13 game season that would yield 1651 yards. Oregon led the conference with 2369 yards over a 13 game schedule to average 182.2 YPG. An interesting slice of information is that USC won the conference championship last year rushing for only 128 yards per game!

The 1973 UCLA team set a Pac Ten record rushing for 403 yards per game and finished with over 4403 YPG, definitely not a balanced offense for the Bruin's that year.

Washington has led the Pac Ten in rushing only eight times since 1954. The 2000 Rose Bowl team ran for 211 YPG and led the conference. In 1990 we ran for 246 yards per game, the following year, 1991, we ran for 231 YPG.

On average with the pass happy offenses, in an average year, you can expect championship level teams in the league to gain between 200 to 250 yards per game.

Washington averaged 321 yards per game in total offense last year. Oregon led the conference last year with an average of 423 per game. USC averaged 391 last year.

In 2005 USC rushed for an average of 260 YPG, and finished with a record 579 yards per game. In an average year you can expect the league leader in total offense to finish around 450-475 yards per game. In 1990 the Huskies finished with 409 yards per game, while the following year they peaked at 479 YPG.

UW finished (3-6) (5-7) last year which was good for a ninth place finish in the conference. Washington has to carry the ball better in 2007 to win more games. UW brought in a lot of new talent which will debut in 2007. How well will they rush the ball in 2007?


hairofthedawg said...

I went with 173 per game because I anticipate more from the FB and QB, plus we have quite a bit more depth at the position and I'm hoping someone recently recruited steps up and provides a surprised. My glasses are darker purple than Dawgman's sometimes. :)

Health Insurance Expert said...

I think that could be good guess. Fifty more yards per game would mean that we are probably converting more on third and short.

You figure that we might have a power back coupled with a couple speed back's. You figure that they use the FB more. You also have to figure that Locker is probably going to be the best running QB we have ever had.

We have had some great running, or dual threat QB's, Schloredt, Brunell, Tuiasosopo, and Stanback, but I think Locker will end up being the best.