Thursday, March 15, 2007

March Madness

March Madness starts today across the country and the Northwest has three entrants in the annual bash, WSU, Gonzaga, and Oregon. Based on how things are seeded it looks like the Duck's have the best opportunity to advance the farthest if they can stay hot. Oregon was very impressive during the Pac Ten tournament and are obviously the hottest team on the West Coast that will be headed to the tournament.

I will be rooting for the Cougars who are an enjoyable team to watch as they out discipline their opponents. The Coug's picked up a #3 and they open it up this morning against Oral Roberts. The Zag's in a down year, picked up the #10 seed, and as usual will be dangerous. They play Indiana in the opener and should be able to get by the Hoosier's for the second straight year.

I always purchase the Direct TV package that allows me access to all the games in their entirety. I hate it when they switch from one of the local teams, and being in Chicago it isn't like any of the teams I watch are local.

The first rounds of the tournament, are what makes this thing a spectacle. I wouldn't mind at all if they expanded the thing to 128 teams. I am a big fan of the little guy's knocking off the big guy's, and it happens every year. So here is to the Winthrop's, and George Mason's of the world, today is your day!

Early Games

Stanford is getting pounded by Louisville 41-16 in the early going, just think that could be Washington. Stanford continues to be blown out trailing 52-25 with 15 to go. the Tree falls hard 78-58.

Boston College and Texas Tech are tied at 39 as we near the end of the first half. BC has more talent, but Tech has coach Knight. BC is up 72-68 with 6 minutes left. BC wins 84-75.

Davidson is giving Maryland a run for the money trailing 44-43 at the half. Could the first upset of the day be already coming? Davidson looks tough. Still close at 58-57 Maryland with 10:46 to go. The Terrapins outlast Davidson 82-70.

WSU wins it's opener against Oral Roberts

The Cougars have taken the floor in Sacramento. Oral Roberts is off to a small 13-10 lead with 12:22 left. 20-16 Oral Roberts with 7:40 left in the first. Coug's finish strong with 4 straight points and head to the dressing room down 28-26 at the half.

The Cougars are stretching it out in the second half against Oral Roberts running to a 49-39 lead with 11:58 left in the first half. Look like the Cougars are in control of this one. Coug's go on to win 70-54.

Watch out for the Ivy League early

Belmont is off to an early lead over Georgetown, don't figure for it to last too long. It didn't last too long as Georgetown went on a 16-1 run, they lead 18-12. Georgetown leads 38-25 at the half. 69-46 G-Town with a couple of minutes left. 80-55 Georgetown wins.

Texas A&M and Penn have tipped it off with A&M off to a 5-0 lead. With 31 ticks left in the first they continue to lead 31-18. Penn has closed to 35-29 with 14:24 left. Penn has now taken the lead 39-37 with 12:22 left. always beware of an Ivy League team in the early rounds. 47-41 A&M with 6:29 to go.

Old Dominion and Butler are under way tied at nine with 10:18 left in the half. Butler leads Old Dominion 41-32 with 8:37 left. 51-42 Butler with 1:28 left.

Vanderbilt and George Washington are tipping off. Vandy jumps out to a 13-5 lead with 13:40 remaining in the first. Looks like the Commodore's are going to be playing WSU next as they hold a 50-21 lead over GW with 17 minutes remaining. This one has never been in doubt. Vandy wins going away 77-44.

Dukies are first big name to fall

Duke is off to a 14-7 lead over VCU, but the Blue Devils only lead by a basket at the half 40-38. This game has been close all night and VCU leads 76-74 with a 1:19 to go. The first big name to go down today is Duke who falls to Virginia Commonwealth 70-77.

Marquette has been no match for Michigan State trailing 30-18 at the half. 61-49 win for MSU.

Ohio State is leading Central Connecticut St 17-3 with 12 minutes left in the first half. 66-24 Ohio State with 16:29 left. OSU goes on to win 78-57.

UCLA is killing Weber State 37-19 lead at the half. Looks like the Pac Ten will go 2-1 today, UCLA wins 70-42.

The Nightcap

Pitt is off to a 15-4 lead against Wright State. Wright has come back to tie it up with less than five minutes left in the first half 25-25. 43-30 Pitt at the half. Pitt has stretched it out to 57-38.

UNC is off to an early 9-3 lead over Eastern Kentucky. 24-6 with 12:38 to go. 47-35 UNC at the half. Eastern has closed UNC's lead to four with 15:54 left, nice turn around. The #1 seed in the East is in peril. 57-46 UNC with 11:21 left.

BYU is off to a 14-2 start against Xavier. The X-Men have recovered from a slow start and are now behind by two, 28-26. 38-32 at the half BYU. This is a tie game at 55 with 10:29 left. Xavier is now up by 6 in a dramatic turn around. This is a great game tied at 75 with a minute to go. 79-75 Xavier with only seconds left.

Zag's are One and Done!

Indiana has been able to stretch the Gonzaga with 3's early and is off to a 20-15 lead with 9:48 left in the half. 30-27 with 3:42 left Indiana. 34-29 at the half Indiana. The second half has started and Indiana is up 36-33. Indiana has the advantage inside as leading 43-35 with 14:35 left. Zag's need to start hitting from the outside to loosen things up. Zag's go on a 6-0 run and cut the Indiana lead to 45-41. Indiana back up by ten just that quick, and the Hoosiers are in the bonus. The Zags are down by 12 with 7:44 left, looks like Cinderella won't find her slipper this year. 70-57 win for Indiana.


hairofthedawg said...

I don't know about 128, but I understand your sentiment. I used to enjoy reading books about the Indiana state basketball tourney when an out of the way school would win it all, or at least come close.

My bracket has UCLA in the final four, losing to Maryland, the eventual champions, the Ducks in the 8, also losing to Maryland, Stanford in the 16 losing to Memphis, SC falling to Texas and WSU falling to Geo. Washington. So now you know how little I know about college basketball.

I used to enjoy working for a unit that had a biannual exercise in Las Vegas in Feb.- Apr. I'd sit and play video poker and more or less drink for free while enjoying the games.

Enjoy the show!

Health Insurance Expert said...

No big upsets yet, I live for the upsets.

prrbrr said...

I tend to be more like HoD, in that 128 teams may be a bit much.. What i see is 96 teams, with the bottom 32 playing a play in game similar to the #64/65 teams do right now. You could set it up where the mid majors and small conferences would get their chance to play against say the #7 Pac10, ACC#7, SEC big 10 bottom feeder on a tuesday/ wednesday play-in game. Then the NIT could be easily finally laid to rest.

Health Insurance Expert said...

From what I have read they are in the if it isn't broke don't fix it mode, but I could see them doing the play in games to get it to 96 teams.

The first 32 teams would basically have a bye.

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