Saturday, November 24, 2007

WSU Wins Apple Cup 42-35

I am watching a combo of UCLA and Oregon mixed with a little Stanford and Notre Dame. It is going to be very interesting to see how the Ducks bounce back on the road without Dennis Dixon at QB. In Palo Alto Notre Dame is trying to get it's third win of the season against the Cardinal. I will be rooting big time for the Tree.

I was surprised that USC took apart Arizona State on Thursday, but Pete Carroll is definitely the king of November out in these parts. Looks like only one Pac Ten team will be in the BCS this year unless the Trojans can somehow slip in with two losses.

LSU's loss while I enjoyed it really shocked me. Looks like Les Miles will head off to Michigan anyway if my sources are correct, this just made it easier. Tough to be an Oregon fan knowing that if Dixon hadn't gone down they would have been in the championship game. I really don't think he Ducks will win another game this year. Nothing personal, I just don't think Leaf can get it done.

As for the Apple Cup I really don't have any idea of what to expect in a game where you throw out all the statistics, strap it on, and let everything fly. From what we are hearing Doba is gone no matter what the out come is which is too bad because I like the guy. For Willingham he is a little more secure, but a loss today to WSU will really get the drums beating for a change.

I have a number of friends who have mixed emotions about the last two games. One actually said he wouldn't mind losing two more if it means Ty gets the axe. I on the other hand can't do that, I am rooting for us to win the last two.

UCLA 16 Oregon 0

The Ducks did USC a favor and knocked themselves out of the Rose Bowl. If the Duck offense can't get by UCLA they are certainly not going to get by the Beavers next week in the Civil War. Tough loss for the Ducks who may be lucky to end up in El Paso when this all settles down.

Notre Dame 21 Stanford 14

Notre Dame really has sucked this season, and nothing proves it more than a fourth quarter death struggle in Palo Alto. The Irish pull it out stopping Stanford on the ND 6 in the last minute of the game.

Huskies and the Coug's

Louis Rankin just ran the opening kickoff back for a TD.

Washington 7 WSU 0

The Huskies drive deep on the second possesion and come up with a FG after the drive stalls do to illegal procedure on third and two.

Washington 10 WSU 0

The Huskies offense starts stalling due to penalties, play calling, and the usual questionable decisions. WSU rips a couple passes for 74 yards in two plays to get on the scoreboard. UW shut them down well most of the 1st quarter till that series. UW needs to keep it simple and hand the ball off to Rankin just like last week.

Washington 10 WSU 7

The Huskies march down the field led by Locker and he completes the drive with a nice 25 yard TD run sprinting around the outside.

Washington 17 WSU 7

Coug's put together a nice drive built around a long gain that was picked up on a deflected pass. Ivory surprises the Dawgs on a 25 yard run to take it home.

Washington 17 WSU

Huskies drive again but dropped passes stall the drive. Perkins hits the FG.

Washington 20 WSU 14

Coug's finish the second half with a long scoring drive to take the lead. Is Baer making his final appearance in Husky Stadium?

WSU 21 Washington 20

The game started with a lot of promise, but it got ugly for Washington in the second quarter. UW simply isn't doing the things they did last week to win. Too many mistakes on both sides of the ball adds up to a one point WSU lead at the half.

Second Half

Coug's open the second half with a TD drive.

WSU 28 Washington 20

Jake hits Reese for a long TD. We go for two and convert,

Washington 28 WSU 28

Fourth Quarter

UW drives to the Cougar one and goes for it on fourth and goal. Locker takes it in from one for the TD.

Washington 35 WSU 28

The Huskies sack the Cougars for a long loss, but they are called for defensive holding which is around a 30 yard turnaround. On the next play Brink hits for a TD and the game is tied...unbelievable.

Washington 35 WSU 35

Corey Williams fumbles the ball on a reception at the Cougar 28. The Huskies are doing their best to lose this one. The Huskies avoid disaster and get the Coug's out of the drive with four minutes to go. Brink hits Gibson for a long TD with 31 seconds left as hit on the blitz.

WSU 42 Washington 35

Washington has 31 seconds left to pull this one out. Huskies take over at the 50 with 25 seconds left. UW takes a couple shots at the end zone from the fourty. Cougars win as Jackson intercepts in the endzone.


hairofthedawg said...

Damn, just checked the UO/UCLA and no offense. I didn't expect much, but nothing...???..interceptions don't help, but I'm glad we have Carl. Hearing all the good things I have about Fouch, I wouldn't have minded seeing him either except for the redshirt.

I thought the Duck's season ending collapse would start with us, but was wrong by a few weeks.

Those "strap it on" games are Husky football in my opinion.

I also understand about the mixed feelings but want us to win out regardless of the consequences long term. Given enough time Ty will get it's just a matter of whether the fans will have the patience.

abg said...

Please help me on this:
Why do we play the spread option?

Anonymous said...

anyone knows when the husky team leave for hawaii? their itinerary?

t9odawg said...

Once again the opposing QB puts up recored numbers.

This is getting very depressing, a very big money guy I know quit coming to games, says it's not worth the time it takes to stand in the security lines, the main protagonist of the tailgate I've benn going to for the last eight years syas the vibes at the stadium are so bad he's seriously thinking of hanging it up, It's getting ugly amongst people I know that read the message boards but seldom post

John Berkowitz said...

I'm not sure about the Huskies itinerary in Hawaii but I will find out.

Depressing is all I can say about this one. We were obviously the better team and the game planning was just attrocious.

Why exactly would you air it out like that?

The only good thing about the loss is it may force change at the end of the season. Losing to WSU on the heals of a fourth straight losing season does that.

Anonymous said...

Really? The better team lost?

Anonymous said...

Ummm... If the Huskies are the better team, wouldn't they have won? Seriously, did they just go into the stadium thinking that if they told enough Cougar jokes, WSU would just hang up their helmets and let UW walk all over them?

Tradition aside, I'm pretty sure that the points remaining on the scoreboard when the time runs out is what determines who the better team is, with few exceptions (eg Seahawks Superbowl game), but I'm pretty sure the referees made all the right calls out there, so it's pretty obvious which team played better than the other, is it not?

hairofthedawg said...

Let's put it this way anonymous...the better coaches won and I'm not sure that wasn't entirely a matter of luck. I wouldn't have been pleased with our performance had we won the game.

John Berkowitz said...

The better team doesn't always win the game. Take Stanford's win over USC for example. What about Notre Dames win over UCLA, another good example.

There isn't that much that seperates UW, and WSU this season, both teams stink. I do think UW has better talent, but the coaching doesn't give them much of a chance.

Anonymous said...

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