Saturday, November 10, 2007

Oregon State Game Blog

Saturday has rolled around once again and the Huskies will be playing in the nightcap tonight of a long day of college football. This is a big football game for Willingham and his program, a win here would prove that the team is turning the corner and has the capability to finish in the middle tier of the conference rather than the cellar.

Illinois Upsets Ohio State 28-21

Ohio State fell to Illinois this afternoon and it was a great game for the Illini who celebrated a little too long at midfield in Columbus which resulted in some fisticuffs with the Buckeyes. If you are an Oregon fan you have to be excited because now the Ducks are in the drivers seat for the BCS championship game if they can win out.

(Wow, I had the byline as Wisconsin rather than Ohio for the heads up ABG!)

Arizona State Sneaks by UCLA 24-20

UCLA is giving Arizona State everything they can handle in the fourth quarter, but just turned the ball over in the endzone with an interception. Dorrell needs to keep it on the ground, he has a RS walkon at QB and still doesn't get it. Looks like ASU is going to slip out of the Rose Bowl with a win today. Too many turnovers by the Bruins today to pull off the upset.

WSU Overpowers Stanford 33-17

It is 20-17 WSU as we start the fourth quarter. Stanford may be crippled, but they certainly aren't pushovers. This game is a lot closer than I thought it would be. Stanford is spunky. WSU wears them down to won the game 33-17. Stanford ran out of gas, but I like the way they play for Harbaugh.

USC leads Cal 17-10 in the early in the third

Cal is holding on, but USC looks like the best team in the first half. USC just hit a FG after intercepting Longshore deep in Cal territory.

Check back through the day, and during the game as we update the blog as things happen.

Pray as Hard as You Can

Washington isn't doing well tonight, the Oregon State defense has contained us all night going out to a 13-0 lead in the second quarter. That is the good news, the bad news it looks like Jake Locker has possibly suffered a serious neck, or spinal injury and has been carted off the field. Let's hope he just had his bell rung and will recover after the game. All I can say is say your prayers for our good friend Jake Locker.

16-0 at halftime as Washington has been stylied all evening by the Oregon State defense. Jake is not going to return, and we all hope that he will be fine. Carl Bonnell will lead the Huskies in the second half and I have a sense that this game is going to get ugly. By ugly I mean the Huskies are madder than they have been in over a decade. I think we are going to come out in the second half and play as physical as we have all year. It is going to be a total brawl.

As far as Jake goes it seems he has movement, but his neck is sore. Hard to say what it going on yet till we get a report from the hospital. Hopefully it is just a concussion or a sprain, but it is scary. Once again say a prayer for our friend Jake.

16-10 OSU Early in the third quarter

We have come out with fire in the second half as I expected. 8:29 left and I like our chances. Let's go Carl!

Jake is Going To be Fine

6:00 minutes left and it is 29-23 OSU after a fine scond half performance by Carl Bonnell. We stillhave a chance if we can make a defensive stop.

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

We have the ball third and two. We throw for the end zone. We have plenty of time, two plays to make two yards and we throw long. Very poor play calling, very poor, and ultimately unforgiveable. You tell me Rankin, or Homer couldn't have gotten two yards on two plays?


abg said...

You might want to reread that headline on the Illinois game.
"Illinois defeats Wisconsin 28-21?"

John Berkowitz said...

Lol....thanks for the heads up!