Friday, November 02, 2007

D - Day in Palo Alto

So it's Friday, and most UW fans have drawn some lines in the sand this week. Most of us are happy with the direction Locker and the offense is going, and I think we are getting to be close to a team that you have to outscore each week to beat. We aren't Oregon yet, but you can see some major steps in that direction with the way the Husky offense has been progressing.

Defensively everyone wants to fire Coach Baer even though if pressed, most fans and reporters couldn't diagram a basic two-deep zone, the cover two, or let alone a weak-side safety blitz. Kent Baer makes a lot of money to coordinate Washington's defense so the criticism that happens when things don't go right is just part of the job description.

We analyzed what we called the worst defense in the country this week. I came to the conclusion that health, depth, and talent were the main culprit in the mid season collapse of the unit. Sure the scheming could be better, sure they could do a better job of disguising what they are doing, and sure they could be playing a more aggressive type of defense. What it really comes down to is our best players are banged up, and they don't have enough quality behind them to pick up the slack.

We all talked about the offense in glowing terms this week despite the fact that they gave up the ball five times against Arizona. You can say what you want about the maligned defense and its very maligned coordinator but five turnovers is enough to kill any team on any day no matter how brilliant the QB played who made them. Those five turnovers cost us 21 points on offense, and at least seven of defense. That is quite a swing in a 48-41 loss.

I think the criticism and pitch fork waving served a purpose this week, it served notice to the Husky staff that no matter what the excuses were we all expected a better performance against a team we should have beaten in year three. That message was heard at the highest levels and it made an impression on President Emmert who ultimately will be making any decisions that have to be made in December.

So hopefully the team is going into Palo Alto with a D-Day type of mentality this week. Lose this one and the criticism last week will look like a hiccup. Lose this one and it becomes doubtful if the entire staff can survive beyond 2007 no matter how good their intentions.

I have made a concerted effort to try to keep it positive this week by still keeping it real. We know what the columnist's are thinking, we certainly know what Top Dawg is thinking, and we know that one of our readers only wishes is that you buy a Hire Mora T-Shirt so it can be seen on national TV. We also took an objective look at the defensive future and determined that if we don't have a tremendous recruiting year in 2008 it is going to be very difficult to turn around.

So in response to all that I have been urging the team, and it's fans to rally together to finish the season 5-0. Beat Stanford, Oregon St, California, WSU, and Hawaii, and it is that simple. Do that and the main goal of the season which was to finish with a winning record, and go to a bowl game is accomplished.

I think it is a very achievable goal for this football team. I look at our upcoming opponents and sense that they are just as battle worn as we are. If the team can rally, and focus they can finish 5-0 because they have a secret weapon by the name of Jake Locker.

Locker aside, I think the rest of the team is in good mental shape coming into this game, nobody has quit, and even JR Hasty has decided to rejoin the squad which brings a sigh of relief as far as local recruiting is concerned. His father's interview in the newspapers last week, followed by the loss ignited the simmering pile of discontentment.

I'm not sure if JR is going to make the trip this week, and I am not sure he deserves to, but it all starts in Palo Alto tomorrow afternoon, beat the Cardinal and everything is still possible.

Husky Poll

We keep asking the same question every week and that is if the Huskies will be able to beat their opponent. The answer has been almost the same all year. Our readers have predicted that our team would win every game other than the Oregon contest. This week the voting is very close with the people predicting a win holding a narrow 2 vote advantage over the fans who think we are going to lose.


Richard said...

Going to Mars is simple too. Build rocket. Light fuse. Ride that baby out.

I have a feeling there might be a few hitches they need to overcome their coach.

Ty? No Thanks We'd Rather Win

t9odawg said...

How has Ty managed not to get the D players in his first three recruiting classes in house now?

Has he been aggressively going after the "bullet" players or bringing in projects and praying they work out?

He is responsible for most of the "blanks" on his roster now.

I won't be any more disgusted with Ty than I am now if we lose at Palo Alto

prrbrr said...

John, once again I think we must disguise our D. This is a game against a RS QB starting his 5th game, do not give him time to break the huddle, look at how we are lined up and then give him time to go thru his progression and find the open receiver (normal modus operandi). The DC must send 4 rushers every play. Lately I have been hoping for 3rd and short as I hate the 3 undersized rushers in 3rd and long. Besides, it breaks my spirit less when we give up a 3rd and 4 with our DBs 10 yds off versus giving a 1st when its 3rd and 16 because we apply no pP2. At least leave Reffett or Afoa in at NT if he wants to line up that way. Put Rayford, Gunnheim, TeoNesheim or Stevens on the ends or send Stevens from the SAM spot of Howell.
I agree with you we are banged up and have guys playing who shouldn't be, all the more reason to minmize the time a young QB has to pick a young DB apart. This should also be the mode against OSU next week as Canfield just isn't that great, but next week we will have to watch out for Bernard, here's hoping USC takes him out for us.
Back to the Furd, you will hear my scream all the way in Chicago if we play the scheme we did against UO and AZ. Our talent on DL is not good enough to get P2 with only 3 DLs. At least let Tavita look at our D and then shift into our base or whatever is called after he gets ready to set. That should help a little. Enuf, later

John Berkowitz said...

As we can all see Richard has expanded his Fire Ty, and Hire Mora line of apparel. Nice job Richard!

T90 asks how has Ty managed not to get the D players in his first three recruiting classes in house now?

1. JC's failing to qualify.

2. You really want to blame Ty for that first recruiting class? That was all Gilby giving up, and trying to resign in September.

3. The bulk of the kids he has recruited are true frosh, redshirts, and sophomores. Since when do you win with those kids? I don't see a lot of blanks there to be honest.

The senior and junior classes are where the blanks reside.

What I blame Ty for his a lack of excitement, and motivation. I think that is his current #1 sin as a Husky football coach. Most importantly he is a poor saleman, public communicator, and public relations guy. In other words he is simply boring. I don't think he works hard enough at recruiting either.

Prrbrr I agree with your comments, but as my father told me once when I was young, when you put lipstick on a pig all you have is a pig with lipstick.

To win we need to stop turning the ball over and score more points than the other guys. I thinkt hat is possible over the next five games.

I also think Locker will visibly improve again this week.

t9odawg said...

I agree on your Ty's recruiting comment and I've heard from others, Ty is a lazy recruiter.

Ty has no PR skills period and TT isn't far ahead, a bad combo for Huskyville

John Berkowitz said...

I miss the days that Jim Owens, Don James, Jim Lambright, or even Rick Neuheisel used to come into our living rooms once a week and entertained, and fired us up about Husky football.

I can't even listen to, or understand Ty on the radio. The dude needs to be speak up and drop the monotone crap.