Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Puppy Chow


Todd Turner is still firmly behind Ty Willingham according the Seattle Times.

Asked whether there was any doubt that Willingham would return next season, Turner said: "Not in my mind."

Houston Nutt wasn't out of a job very long. He landed back in the SEC at Ole Miss. Nutt won his final game at Arkansas beating #1 LSU, but was axed at the end of the season. He should do well for the Rebels.

Bo Pellini was interviewed for the Nebraska job today. The LSU defensive coordinator is one of the front runners for the Cornhusker job.

The Cougars have a long list of potential candidates that include John L. Smith, Mike Price, Tim Lappano, Bobby Hauck, Bob Gregory, Chris Petersen, Pat Hill, and my favorite, Wyoming coach Joe Glenn. That is a pretty impressive list that Moos, and Sterk have put together.

Cody Bruns

The Seattle Times and all the other usual sources are telling us that Prosser HS Wr Cody Bruns has verbaled to Washington. Even though the Huskies have been losing they are still bringing in a solid class. Washington will take 25 this year, and maybe a JC or two. UW currently has 16 verbal committments. December is a crucial month for the Huskies in recruiting. Bruns coming on board is a very big thing. The kid has the best tools in the Northwest despite lacking sprinter speed. UW really could use a kid who runs great patterns and knows how to come back for the ball.


Nathan, and I are at it again over in his PI Blog.

John: It seemed to me that UW moved away from everything that made them successful last week against Cal on offense. Was the WSU defense so different that it forced UW to pass almost 40 times?

Nathan: It's a great question and I've been chewing on this topic for the last 48 hours. WSU plays a 3-4 and it is a different animal. Does it justify passing 37 times, though? I don't think so. If anything, it should be easier to run north-south up the middle against a 3-4. And, UW had success when they ran the football. Granted, they didn't have any long runs like they did against Cal but they were effective moving the chains. So, no, I don't think the WSU defense forced UW out of their game plan. I think the UW coaches forced themselves out of their game plan.


Greg O'Byrne contributes a couple of video's that are sure to lighten things up. Click on each of them, they are pretty funny.

From the Maryland game the ref calls a personal foul for "giving him the business". Heh nice one.

Here is what some consider the original call from the NFL years ago.


t9odawg said...

I agree with the why did they not run more question and why do they try the deep ball so much? It's a low precentage play and I can't say I've seen much improvement in Jake's passing this season.
The real offensive improvement has been the O line

John Berkowitz said...

Why do they try the deep ball so often? I guess they get impatient.

prrbrr said...

Other than 2 games, Jake has not been able to hit the homerun ball. He needs coaching, not only deep, but touch on his short and mid range passing (think IS in Jr year). The intcp to Gottlieb was a little of both faults, slightly behind and too hard, but Gottlieb should make those anyway.
POsitive thoughts for day, since we started to critique Garcias snapping, he has improved by a quantum leap on his shotgun snaps. Most are now right on the money. Also, Morovick's deep snaps have been superb all year. Have to finish packing.
JohnB, the latest in Honolulu papers have to do with increased security at game and parking lots. We can wear our Husky gear it looks like. Sorry, no link but look at Honolulu advertiser re Aloha Stadiumissues