Friday, November 02, 2007

Matt Hayes of Sporting News on Washington

1. Staff recruits players.
2. Staff coaches players.
3. Players perform how they are coached.

That's it, people. If Washington is struggling, it's coaching. Willingham has three recruiting seasons under him -- more than enough time to start a turnaround or at least become a respectable team that can beat the Arizona's of the world. If it weren't for Locker, this team would be winless.

Instead, the staff is spineless.

Well that is Matt Hayes reaction after he poured over the Internet, and local newspapers the past week. It just shows you can interpret anything anyway you want.

I think calling the staff spineless is a low blow. The coaches and players have their backs against the wall and are doing their best right now not to be torn apart. If you want to form your opinions based on a few quotes that have been analyzed to the tenth degree go right ahead Matt because you can make a good case either way.

Out here in Seattle we have a favored son coach in waiting by the name of Jim Mora Jr. Ever since he announced in a radio show that he would jump at the UW position if offered Husky fans have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to dump Ty for the favorite son.

I have mixed emotions about all this. I always said it would take five years to rebuild this program because of the fact that Ty took over a young bad team. It was going to take that long to recruit and mature the type of classes it would take to get back on top. It seems to me 2.5 years is a little early to be sending Ty down the river. That all changed in most of our minds, including mine, after the Arizona game.

Ty said this week that his team is close to winning, and winning a lot over the next few years, and I agree with him.

All that being said there are still five game left this season, win all five and the program is back on track. This has been a tough week at Washington, but maybe it was necessary to light a fire under the program, it's players, coaches, and athletic director.

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