Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ty and Company Win a Big One!

Washington takes on California today in one of the oldest rivarlies on the West Coast. Both teams have had disapointing seasons so far. Cal is bowl eligible, and Washington was eliminated from consideration last week.

California is favored today and rightly so, but Washington is capable of giving them a game and beating them even with Jake Locker out of lineup. For that to happen the Huskies are going to have to be able to run the ball, and pick up some turnovers. Nate Longhore has had an off year, but the Bears are still potent with Forsett, Jackson, and Hawkins capable from scoring anywhere on the field.

Right now I am hanging out watching the kick off of Ohio State vs Michigan. This is going to be an interesting game, and I think Michigan is going to knock off the Buckeyes in the Big House.

The University of Oregon has announced that Dennis Dixon is out for the season which is very bad news for the Ducks. Dixon's loss ends up costing the Ducks a shot at the BCS Championship and the Heisman Trophy. Anyone who saw Brady Leaf in reserve on Thursday realizes that the Ducks may not win again this season. I feel sorry for Dixon, he is grea tplayer, and you hate to see a season end like that.

Duke is playing Notre Dame today and you have to root really hard for the Blue Devils. Losing to Duke would be so humilating for the Irish. I have to take the Irish, but my heart is with Duke.

California at Washington

Jake Locker is looking pretty good while warming up and it looks like he is going to be able to play today if needed. No word yet, and they don't have to make a decision until the first series.

Ty said on his pre game show with Rondeau that they were going to start the game with Carl Bonnell. We could see Jake at some time because as we said earlier he was looking pretty good during the warmups. Ryan Tolar is going to be sitting the first half out, and JWF will get the start. The rain is letting up at Husky Stadium but it is going to be a wet and cold one today.

If you look at the Husky Poll most of us are predicting a California victory today. This game is going to be a lot closer than people think.

The Huskies march down the field the first series of the game on the ground. The TD drive is highlighted by a 46 yard Rankin run.

Washington 7 California 0

Washington forces Cal into a three and out and then proceeds to drive down the field on the ground for another TD. Rankin has over 121 yards in the first quarter. Brandon Johnson runs it in from the five to finish the drive.

Washington 14 California 0

California wakes up and responds with drive of their own behind Forsett and Jackson. Longsjore hits Morrah for a TD pass from the 20. Bad snap on the PAT.

Washington 14 California 6

Huskies go three and out. Cal drives the field mostly on the ground and on two consecutive pass plays puts the ball in the end zone.

Washington 14 California 13

Huskies go three and out again as Lappano has forgotten the ground game. Hard to figure why he didn't keep running until they stopped it. EJ Savannah intercepts a pass deep in Cal territory. UW goes back to running the ball as Louis takes it 30 yards in a couple of plays to the one. Kravitz takes it in from the one.

Washington 21 California 13

Cal goes three and out with the help of a penalty. DeSean Jackson is limping and out of the game. UW goes three and out after a holding penalty backs them up. UW needs to keep it on the ground. Forsett breaks through the Husky defense for a long one a third and long....ouch. Cal scores on the next play.

Washington 21 California 20

Huskies start from the 39 with under two minutes to go. Huskies stall at midfield and are forced to punt on a 4th and two. Cal muffs the punt, UW recovers, but it goes to review and the call is reversed. UW drives to the Cal ten on a Bonnell pass to Russo. Bonnell hits Reese on a jump pass in the endzone for the TD.

Washington 28 California 20 Halftime

Perhaps the best first half of the year for Washington so far mostly on the legs of Louis Rankin. Two turnovers cost California two touchdowns. California has not been able to stop Washington on the ground today. Defensively the Huskies haven't really stopped Forsett enough, but the Cal passing game hasn't clicked yet long so that isn't too bad. Longshore is 14-17, but most they have mostly been short passes. UW needs to keep the ball on the ground and build on what they did in the first half.

Louis has a 42 yard run of the first drive and the Huskies are back in business again. The Huskies stall when they pass and Perkins hits a 45 yard FG. Louis has 220 yards on the ground so far on 19 carries.

Washington 31 California 20

Cal hits a long one from Longshore to Jordan to take it to the Husky 2. Way too much time for Longshore. Teo Nesheim made a great stop at the two that brings the crowd to its feet. 3rd and three and Cal calls timeout. UW holds as Longshore is forced to throw it away. Cal hits the FG.

Washington 31 California 23

UW goes three and out. Cal goes three and out. Bonnell hits Ellis with a bomb to the Cal 20 on a third and 24. Very big play for UW. UW stalls after a holding call. Perkins drills the FG.

Washington 34 California 23 Fourth Quarter

Cal starts at the 38. Cal fumbles and Washington recovers and takes over on the UW 43 at the start of the 4th quarter. Rankin must be dinged because Johnson has taken over and is looking good. Kravitz is stopped 3 inches short and Cal takes over. Husky D backs up Cal with the penalty to a 3rd and 34. Forsett gets knocked out of the game. Cal has to punt the ball. Russo returns it to the Cal 11. 63 yard return for Russo. Huskies stall at the two and kick the FG.

Washington 37 California 23

Cal starts at the 30. Forsett is back and Cal moves it the midfield with 6:45 left. The Huskies need to get to Longshore. Husky D has toughened up and Cal is going backwards. 3rd and 22 and Forrester knocks away the pass and Cal goes for it. They do not convert and the Huskies take over with 5:10 to go. All UW has to do is run the ball and take time off the clock. Rankin is out with a hip pointer. Johnson will finish for the Huskies at TB.

UW starts at the 45. The clock is ticking.... . Brandon Johnson is just pounding it on this final drive. He has 110 yards so far. Washington's rushing game has been special today. UW shows mercy in the red zone and takes a knee.

This was a very big win for Washington.


Michael Wines said...

Congrats on the huge win Huskie fans!

enoughTW said...

TW needs to tweak his coaching staff (Baer and Lappano) then he can coach out the rest of this current contract. If he refuses to axe the two coaches mentioned, then we need to find a new head coach..

Anonymous said...

One thing that I noticed...did it seem like Rankin and Johnson ran better out of the I set instead of the shotgun? It seemed that hitting the line at full speed helped their running.

t9odawg said...

It was a fun game, the D created three TO's, Te'o Nesheims TFL on the Husky 3 yard line was as hard a hit as Forsett has experienced all year, Reffert forcing the fumble was a huge defensive play as well...the running game...what can I say? Super, super, super

John Berkowitz said...

Michael, thank you very much!

Ty needs some tweeks, not sure about Lappano, we seem to score enoug points.

I agree, I like the I formation. The deep snaps throw us off in the spread.

Fantastic game T-90!!!

t9odawg said...

Too bad you weren't here for this game John. Cal never got comfortable today IMHO but they were confident, how else do you explain not going for two when they had the chance? They expected to run rampant IMHO and didn't think the Dawgs rampant.

It's a great feeling for this week and after what OSU did to the coogs...I feel good about that one as well. Hawaii is a different story but I'm not going to worry about Hawaii...just enjoy the's been 41 years since the last time the wife and I were on Oahu.

John Berkowitz said... wife gave me four tickets to the Hawaii game tonight at we are going too!

Nice surprise for the 49th b-day!

t9odawg said...

Super John,

I've signed up for the Thursday evening UWAA event with President Emmert and the UWAA pregame tailgate so hopefully we can meet somehwere in there.

Happy B'day...I turned 66 last week