Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wow....34-24 Arizona Over Oregon all I can say as Arizona has dominated the Ducks in the first half jumping out to a commanding 31-14 lead. Dennis Dixon is out with a knee injury so the Ducks will have to depend on Brady Leaf to bring them back in the second half. This potential upset will cost the Pac Ten a bunch of money.

Brady Leaf never got it going in the second half and the #2 Ducks go down to Arizona 34-24. The story of the game was Dixon's injury, and Bellotti's play calling. Oregon panicked plain and simple and should have kept the ball on the ground the rest of the night. Stewart went out late in the game with a leg injury, but Oregon blew this one by not going to it's strength which is running the ball.

So it looks like USC and Arizona State will be playing each other for the Rose Bowl. The Ducks actually could have fallen tonight from the BCS Championship Game all the way to the Sun Bowl...Wow!

I am not an Oregon fan, but too bad about Dixon. Oregon would have won by 21 if he hadn't gotten injured. So in one night the Ducks lose the National Championship and the Heisman Trophy. Your as strong as your weakest link, and backup QB was Oregon's weak link. Leaf simply couldn't run their offense.


prrbrr said...

Life is good, i am alive, have a nice wife, in good health and went to a huskies practice today in the cold. What more could happen today to make my life complete, and screw the $1M we might have gotten with 2 BCS teams, it was money well worth throwing down the drain.
Now to beat CAL this weekend.

t9odawg said...

Leaf isn't the right guy to be backing up Dixon and the only other QB there last night for UO was a FR/RSFR. Looks like Mikey needs QB help in a hurry. If Dixon is done for the year the ducks could lose out which doesn't help bring money to PAC 10 coffers.

Do we have bright enough coaches to beat Cal for four quarters? That's the real question

John Berkowitz said...

Can we put together four quarters against California?

I think their offense, while banged up, is still going to be too tough to contain unless they turn the ball over a lot.

Longshore hasn't been himself lately, but Jackson, and Forcette are a couple of the best players we will see all year.

Anonymous said...

Jackson could potentially have a field day on special teams, maybe Cal won't need much offense.

Forsett will be looking for the cutback all day

t9odawg said...

I didn't mean to be anonymous

John Berkowitz said...

Forsett will be looking for that cutback.

Carl put on quite a show against these guy last year, it would be great to see him light them up.

t9odawg said...

I remember how CB lit them was fun until TW cooged it

John Berkowitz said...

We should have gone for two and ended it right there.