Saturday, November 03, 2007

Washington 27 Stanford 9

The Huskies meet Stanford today at 3:30 pm in Palo Alto. Check back through the day, and during the game as I update the blog.

As you have all probably read this week the Cardinal are pretty banged up right now, and should be a pretty easy opponent for Washington. The main thing to worry about with these guys is their receivers who are good enough to burn Washington's DB's all day if we don't get pressure. Pressure should be an easy thing to apply since the Cardinal for all intents and purposes do not have a running game to worry about.

Defensively Harbaugh is going to gamble all day. The Cardinal blitz around 55% of the time and that could work for, or against them with a mobile QB like Jake Locker. The Cardinal need to get to Jake if they are going to have a chance. I don't think they have a chance of doing it, and Jake is going to have a lot of territory to lumber through today once he gets past the line of scrimmage. If I was Harbaugh I would be doing some corner blitzes early to see if I could get a good shot at Locker to rattle him. That type of stuff is risky because it gives the Huskies the opportunity to hit the long one, but sideline throws haven't been the strong part of Jakes reportoire yet so I would say it is worth the risk.

Word out of Montlake is the Huskies had some of the best practices of the year this week. Hard to analyze that one since the press is excused after stretching is done. You just have to depend on the remarks of a coach who will be in deep trouble if his team loses this one.

I was absolutely sure we would beat Arizona last week, I feel the same way about Stanford this week. What that means is i don't have a clue of what is going to happen today in the fourth quarter. Washington needs to put these guys away early, if they are hanging around in the fourth quarter watch out.

The New Stanford Stadium

Stanford took the bull by the horns and built a new stadium in under ten months for slightly under 100 million dollars. The new stadium seats only 50,000 which is much less than the old Stanford Stadium which seated around 80,000 fans. Reducing seating was a good idea since the Cal game is the only one which still can attract that amount of spectators. Stanford has their work cut out just filling up the 50,000 seat facility until they start winning consistently. The stadium was designed so additional capacity could be built on in the future if needed.

Here is a link with photos of the new stadium.

The New Stadium being built at Minnesota

The University of Minnesota is also building a new stadium. TCF Bank Stadium will have an open-air horseshoe design with a capacity of 50,000, including general seats as well as an array of club and suite seats. The stadium will complement the campus environment, have a collegiate look and feel, create two landscaped plazas, and accommodate other uses. The design allows for maximum flexibility, including potential expansion to 72,000 to 80,000 seats. The stadium cost is $288.5 million, which includes site preparation, district improvements, and the stadium itself.

Here is a link to the Minnesota Stadium site

A Question?

Why does it cost $188 million dollars less to build the same type of stadium at Stanford? If you look at the photos of the Stanford Stadium and compare it to the Minnesota layout there isn't a lot of difference. Perhaps the difference is site preparations and district improvements. Stanford Stadium was built in the existing bowl of the old stadium, and the Minnesota Stadium is starting completely from scratch.

USC 24 Oregon State 3

Yvenson Bernard could be out this week with a badly bruised shoulder but I think they will dress him up and play him today against the Trojans. If you are a Husky fan you have to root for the Trojans to beat up the Beavers physically today.

The Trojans have a 20-0 record in November games since Carroll became coach in 2001, and were 3-0 in regular-season December games as well before losing to UCLA 13-9 last year, knocking them out of the BCS national championship game.

Scoreless second half in this one as the Trojans coast with a big second quarter lead. Bernard didn't play and OSU was held under 100 yards rushing which was the key to the Trojan victory.

Oregon 35-23

ESPN Gameday goes to Autzen for the second time this year which is pretty cool if you are a Duck fan. I have been saying for quite some time that the Ducks are the best team in the country, and I really mean that. ASU? is going to give these guys a game, but I think the Oregon offense will be too much for the Devils.

21-13 Oregon late in the first half. Looks like I am initially right, the Ducks are moving the ball.

The Ducks just may be the best team in the country.

Arizona 34 UCLA 27

The Bruins travel to Arizona to try to get back on the winning side of the ledger after the disaster at WSU last week. Dorrell is probably on a hotter seat than Willingham right now because there isn't a coach in the country who does so little with so much.

Arizona is off to a 10-7 early first half lead against UCLA. Looks like this one is going to be another shootout as both teams have scored on a couple of big plays. 27-14 at the half with Arizona in the lead. 34-17 Arizona late in the third quarter. Arizona holds on to win 34-27.

California 13 WSU 3 Third Quarter

Win another one for the Doba? I will say this about WSU, they have been getting steadily better all season, and if they can beat UCLA they have a chance against the Bears. A loss to WSU today would really hurt the Bears who have lost three in a row. I don't think it will happen though, the Bears have too many tools to use at home against the Coug's. If WSU does win it will be another big shot in the arm of Coach Doba.

Cal takes an early 7-0 lead in this one. Cal has built on their lead in the second quarter leading 10-0. WSU really misses Tardy. Cal is beatable Husky fans. 10-3 in the early third quarter Cal.

This is a pretty close game and you have to wonder what it would be like for WSU if they had James Tardy.

Navy 48 Notre Dame 46 Triple Overtime

We have enjoyed watching Notre Dame lose almost every week this season. Navy hasn't beaten the Irish since back in the early 60's when a guy named Roger Staubach was the Midshipman QB. Navy wins it 48-46 on a gutsy call to go for two!

Washington 27 Stanford 9

Well it is 7-0 Washington last in the first quarter and I have to tell you that Jake Locker is the most impressive athlete in the Pac Ten. I think the guy is better than Reggie Bush. He may be the player of the decade, and it was a good decade, before he is through. As far as the Huskies go in the first quarter they were terrible except for the TD. Jake had an interception deep in Stanford territory, and the Cards are getting way too many yards against our defense.

The second quarter is very stinky for both teams. Rankin fumbles the ball at the one and Stanford recovers. Stanford fumbles on the next play and gives it back to Washington. We are talking the bottom of the Pac today, a real toilet bowl so far, 10-3 Washington. On the last drive of the half Russo drops an open pass in the endzone that originally looks like a TD. On the next play Jake gets sacked and it takes us out of FG range. Ballman comes in rather than Perkins, and misses wide despite having plenty of distance.

The Huskies put up 303 yards on Stanford and only lead 10-3 at half.

Second Half

The Huskies drive down inside the Stanford ten, stall and have to kick a field goal. Reece caught a TD pass in the endzone but had a foot out of bounds.

Washington 13 Stanford 3

Stanford just drove down the field for a TD easily on the ground.

Washington 13 Stanford 9

The Huskies march right back.

Washington 20 Stanford 9

Locker runs one in for the icing.

Washington 27-9 Final

Hey, it's a win, we will take that even though for the yards we ran up we should have scored 60 points. Next week we play a much better team, and coming off a win it should help us.

Florida State Beats Boston College

Oregon is now officially in the national championship race and should be #3 behind LSU, and Ohio State next week. Kate took the BC loss pretty hard and was really cranky after the game.


t9odawg said...

A couple of years ago I was in the Minneapolis area for weeks training on some new equipment so I bought ticket to watch Ohio St vs the Golden Gophers in the dome, wearing my Husky gear naturally. The UM season ticket holders I talked with were anxiously waiting the new stadium. They wanted the collegiate campus atmosphere back. The Gophers stayed close for the first half then boom. Where have we seen that latley?

John Berkowitz said...

The Metrodome is a terrible place to watch a football game. The now departed Kingsome was much better in comparison.

UM is really going to have some momentum once that stadium opens in 2009.

hairofthedawg said...

I'm as surely clueless as you are. All I can offer is Qwest as an example. Take a pair of tickets next year John. That's a gameday atmosphere. I haven't watched enough collegiate games to usefully compare, but the 'Hawks fans are nuts, as am I. Is it the beer...partially yes, but they make every effort to keep you coming back. The couple of times, in the last 3 yrs, I've been to HS...GO HUSKIES on my part but I didn't feel driven to do that. In Qwest for the Seahawks I do.

Sounds to me like today is going to be a game for gamblers, who does it most wisely. That doesn't raise my hopes. I like hearing that the team had some great practices, but please give me a full game!

t9odawg said...

I'm going to enjoy the win John not worry about shoulda's.

A comment by the Tree's broadcast guy about their O line not being able to hold blocks against OSU gives pause for concern and that they were doing better against the Dawgs...hmmm

John Berkowitz said...

Four more in a row to go!

Anonymous said...

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