Thursday, November 01, 2007

Moore Calls Out the Idiots in Cyberspace

Jim Moore wrote a column defending Kent Baer today in the PI. I like the fact that Jim is taking a different angle by showing the human side of Coach Baer. If anyone ever needed some good PR this week it would be Kent Baer.

Jim also takes a shot at the idiots out in cyberspace. So I guess everyone who thinks we should start firing coaches is an idiot in his opinion.

Let me say this, a lot of people have been making the point that there are five games left in the season, and we should all reserve judgement till the end of the year. Until then we should all do our best to support the coaches, players, and support staff.

I think that is fair.

Did he get stupid overnight?

Did he somehow forget the coaching fundamentals that worked everywhere else?

Based on the screams for his head in chat rooms, apparently so.

But do any of the idiots in cyberspace know what Baer is dealing with here? A lack of talent. A lack of depth. A lack of experience. You see meltdowns against Oregon and Arizona and other second-half collapses, and blame it all on him?

What about UW defensive assistants Randy Hart, Chris Tormey and J.D. Williams? Are they suddenly dummies, too?

I want to make one more point, and that is that maybe Jim Moore, being a Cougar and Husky basher, has totally ulterior motives. Don James was asked what he thought of Joe Kapp as a head coach when he was at California, and James said he hoped Cal kept Kapp as head coach till the end of his career.

I am just telling you, Jim Moore can be tricky that way.

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