Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bellotti to UCLA?

According to Tracy Pierson at it is almost a done deal.

"Some sources have indicated that the deal is actually in the stages of being finalized."

Why would Mike want to head to UCLA when he is a god at Oregon?

Are things getting that stagnant at Oregon?

Mike would be recruiting the same type of players from a more local base. Would UCLA actually pony up enough money for him to make the change? I would think it would take close to 2.5 million a year to lure him South...keep tuned on this one.

If the move is made count on Boise State's Peterson, California's Tedford, or Colorado's Hawkins to be first in line for the job in Eugene.

It look's like Brian Dohn of the Daily News is reporting on this too.

UCLA’s coaching search has taken them to the Northwest, where several UCLA administrators met with Oregon coach Mike Bellotti, sources said. Bellotti is 105-50 since taking over at Oregon in 1995, and is considered one of the top offensive coaches in the West.

"Holy Tommy Prothro" is all I can say!

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