Sunday, December 02, 2007

Some Quick Observations

We had a great time at the game last night despite the close loss. Aloha Stadium is a great venue and the UH fans we sat by were very nice which was a relief. We didn't have any problems, and everyone behaved well no matter what the score was. I like Hawaii, and I like their fans, and team. Congratulations Warriors on making it to the Sugar Bowl.

The UWAA tailgate before the game was pretty fun, and I had the opportunity to meet some of the people who read and comment here every week. I have some great pictures which I will upload when I get some more time.

We flew out of Honolulu this morning and are spending the rest of the trip in Kauai. Honolulu is good for a couple of days like Vegas, but it gets old pretty quick.

Some quick observations on the game. I thought the team fought hard as usual, and as usual the coaching had plenty to do with the final numbers on the scoreboard. We just don't seem to get up very well in the second half, and to blow a 21 point lead to these guys is pretty much a joke. Hawaii is a decent team, but if they played a Pac Ten schedule they would be struggling right now to be a .500 team. The level of the Pac Ten is simply higher than the WAC.

I thought the first quarter was amazing. We did everything right, and it looked like it would be a long night for the home team. For some reason we weren't able to keep the intensity and focus up. Hawaii kept flying around, and we kept trying not to lose. When you do that you more than often end up losing. I am sure the heat, and the long way to travel had an effect, but UW had a chance to put this one away if they had kept running time off the clock. The three and out early in the fourth quarter was a killer.

The officiating was bad as usual, but you expect it on the road, and I have seen it a lot worse over here in the islands. UW didn't lose because of officiating, they lost because they didn't finish off their opponent when they had the chance.

I have no idea what is going to happen when the team comes home. I discussed it with many insiders and got a lot of varied opinions. I say it is still around 50/50 that Ty returns. One thing is for sure, the verbals of Middleton, and Kearse helped him out quite a bit.

I will be back for more when I have time, but right now it is time to head out to a Luau and pound down some Killer Mai Tai's.

Mahalo Husky Fans!


t9odawg said...

It was great to finally meet you after all the years of chat rooms and message boards, As well as your lovely bride. Enjoy the rest of your stay in the islands.

Maybe we will hook up again next year.

We were outcoached once again this season.

I heard more than one "Ty needs to go" on my way out of the sytadiumlast night. We'll see

hairofthedawg said...

Strange weekend, one of the first I can remember in a long time where I didn't really pay attention to the Huskies. That's saying quite a bit for me with some of the time differences I've put up with and the various ways I've juggled my schedule.

I was in Dubai for the rugby 7's tournament and even though the Eagles reminded me of the Huskies performances this season I had a great time even though I/we drank way too much beer.

How were the killer Mai Tais? I have mixed feelings about them depending on the time of day.

It's nice to read about you guys getting together and enjoying it. Things are a lot different in person.

So ends another season...a very disappointing one because going into it I thought we were heading in the right direction. I liked what Ty brought to the program. I,not knowing any better, thought he'd be a decent coach as well. I'm more than a casual fan, but not a true student of the game.

We could easily have gone to a bowl this year. Some of the games were truly within reach, but something, I'm not sure anyone can identify what, other than a good defense, was missing. I'm not sure it was just the defense that was missing. Maybe a killer instinct or intensity..something along those lines.

It's been repeated ad nauseum about "comportment" and perhaps that's what it is. We're missing the nasty.

Anyway, thanks for another enjoyable season of thoughts John, and to the rest of the commenters as well. I hope you stick around regardless of what transpires over the next few days. I also hope you all live on high ground. It sounds like most of the farm I spent a great deal of my formative years on is mostly under water.



John Berkowitz said...

Thanks T - Kate and I really enjoyed meeating you and your wife also.

Dick thanks for all the posts, I really appreciate it, and I won't be going anywhere.