Monday, December 17, 2007

PI Reports That Baer is Fired

The Seattle PI is reporting that Washington defensive coordinator Kent Baer has been fired after spending 15 years as a member of Ty Willingham's coaching staff. No word yet on the status of any other assistant coaches but expect those announcements to be made this afternoon. A UW spokesman did not confirm the report, and said no announcement is planned at this time.

Here are a couple of names on the wish list that should pop up that Washington would be interested in.

Dewayne Walker UCLA....Walker is probably the favorite right now for the head coaching job, but if he doesn't get it he might want to head to UW where he could be in place to replace another head man on the hot seat.

Mark Banker Oregon State....We all have to agree that Oregon State plays a tough brand of defense and we would all be satisfied if Banker could be lured away.

Ron English Michigan....I'm not sure if he is available but there has been a coaching change in Ann Arbor which means Rich Rodriguez will be bringing in some of his won people.

Chris Tormey Washington....He was under fire almost as much as Baer so his job may be in doubt too. Tormey, who has served at UW for 13 seasons, is the Huskies' recruiting coordinator.

Jon Tenuta Georgia Tech....I am not sure what his status is right now after the coaching change but Husky fans would be excited to see him here.

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bigdave967 said...

Who should they bring in? I am glad that Ty made the hard decision (and firing someone who you have been friends with for 15 years is a hard decision) for the better of the program. The question is do you bring in a very good D-Coordinator that might want your job or someone in house that might be hungry enough to seize the opportunity? I guess we will see.