Monday, December 10, 2007

The Monday Morning Wash

I imagine some of you are going through a bit of withdrawal as the Husky football season is now over. The second season is actually just about over two since UW now has 21 verbals for the 2008 class with only four more to go. I can't remember the last time Washington was this far ahead in the game. Usually UW's success is determined before Christmas, we don't do well in January, and if we are still recruiting then it means we are filling in with plan B types of kids. That doesn't seem to be the issue this year even though we filled in with some sleepers from California early. As film comes in on those sleepers though you can tell that are staff did a good job evaluating. Take David Freeman for instance who played for Charles Mincy in HS, the kid looks like the real deal. He is really quick and can move. I can imagine him returning punts int he future.

Over on the message boards things are starting to settle down as people get excited about the recruiting class. If you look at the little poll we are running it seems most people were in favor, or at least didn't mind another year of Willingham. I think didn't mind is more the key phrase. Put me in the didn't mind category. I wanted Mora, but I can still live with another year of Willingham because I don't dislike him in the least bit. I think it is going to be real interesting to see what changes they make.

I am still recovering from the Hawaii trip, and coming home means there is always a lot of work to catch up on. I wish we played those guys every year. It would really help with recruiting in the islands, and it is a great December trip to make every other year for the fans.

John McGrath's column in the News Tribune last week was probably the best I have seen this post season regarding a list of to do's for Ty and his staff in the off season. It would go a long way if Willingham loosened some things up this year. He needs to understand that the local media, and fan base are not the enemy.

As far as all the complaining goes we are going to drop out of that for the most part during the off season. I am going to try to accentuate the positive and put together a lot of information analyzing the Huskies in 2008. I think we can have a pretty good team if some questions get answered this Spring on defense. The return of Garcia really means we are going to have a pretty good offensive line next year. I think Denbrock has done a fantastic job bringing these kids along. It all starts with the offensive line.


What about Baer? What is Ty going to do with Kent Baer? Everyone agrees that changes need to be made, and bringing in some new hungry defensive coaches with great credentials would go a long way in helping the team. I think Randy Hart stays, but Tormey, Baer, and maybe even Williams are up in the air. On the offensive side we lose Trent Miles who was named head coach at Indiana State. I think most fans would also like to see a new special teams coach to replace Bob Simmons. I don't expect Ty to announce changes until after the New Year if any are going to be made.


Talk about huge, this guy is huge. I keep hearing people say that he will likely play right away, but I doubt it unless he makes a quantum leap in development over the next nine months which usually doesn't happen to a kid till he hits campus. Alameda was the only kid to sign over the weekend, but my instincts tell me to expect a verbal from Carroll, and Thompson within the next ten days.

Another kid that visited was David Decastro from Bellevue. He verbaled early to Stanford this year but is now wavering between the Tree, and UW. Education seems to be the key with this kid more than anything else. Stanford degree's are worth a lot if you know how to use them, and are hard to turn down. Hopefully he received a lot of good info on academics this past weekend.

Weekly Poll Question

Last week I asked if you were in favor of Mark Emmert's decision to give Ty another year, 57% said yes.

This week let's look at the kids left on the Plan A board. That is quite a list to choose the four remaining kids from. Who do you think the four will be? This is multiple choice so pick the four you think the Huskies will get.

C DeCastro
C Solomon
OG Carroll
OG Ikehara
TE Guice
WR Pickens
WR Ward
DE Thompson
DE Hill
LB Magnum
LB Rousell
LB Panapa
LB Stuckey
CB Hester
CB Long
S Woods
S Germany-Satchell


Over at Washington State things really haven't gotten rolling yet because WSU is still searching for a new head coach. Mike Price dropped out of the running last week. I'm not sure if if he eliminated himself, or if he was eliminated by WSU. the two top candidates at this point are probably John L. Smith, and Paul Wulff. Smith is very much a retread who was one of the nations top upcoming coaches a couple years ago at Louisville. Disaster struck his career at Michigan State when his team gave up on him after repeated coaching gaffes. Wulff on the other hand is younger, a WSU grad, and just finished the season at Eastern with a loss to Appalachian State in the I-AA playoffs.

Husky Basketball

If you look around the Northwest this year you have to rate the Huskies a solid #3 at this point. WSU is really good, and I was impressed over their win at Gonzaga last week. Both of those teams could go a long way in March this year. As for the Huskies I think they are going to do better in conference this year than last year. Even though they lost at the buzzer to Pitt I saw a team that was beginning to jell and form it's identity. Appleby really adds a lot to this team int he form of senior leadership, and three point marksmanship. I read an article bemoaning the loss of most of the Hawes recruiting class. I don't think it is that big of a deal to tell you the truth. Romar is still recruiting really well and it is just a matter of time before he comes up with the right combination and experience to make another big run. That run could come as early as the start of conference play.


hairofthedawg said...

The fried chicken recipe came out a lot better once I figured out the temps. The houseboy liked it too!

I do have to give props to the staff for the recruiting so far. It's a bit surprising to me given the w/l record, but you can look at a lot of the games and see how close the team is to being good.

Didn't mind is the key phrase exactly. In the end there's nothing I can do about it so I'll just roll with the punches and find a way to watch the games. One of the ballabros, Josh, I think, asked if he could just be a fan again. That's all I'll ever be. I can't help it.

Recovering from a trip to Hawaii must be tough but I know what you mean...some vacations do require that.

Do you really think Ty will loosen up? I don't, without success to lean back on. Give him a chance not to be fighting for his job and I think it will come but not 'til then.

You've always been positive...and the OL is a great place to start.
Two good FBs, and some young speed behind them hearkens back to the good old days.

Enough rambling...BRD is nearly my dad's neighbor, near Mary's Corner, so give me some warning and stop by if you want T90 or BRD. He likes to talk though...

John Berkowitz said...

I am glad the recipe turned out. Oil at 375 degrees is the key, it seals in the juices and flash cooks the coating.

I think we can have a pretty good team next year.

dcdawg said...

Recruiting questions: what if five guys (or more) all fax in their letter of intent at the same time, but there's only four spots left? Who decides who gets the scholarships, and how do they decide? Are any of the guys who committed a while back likely to de-commit, or maybe be nudged in that direction, opening up an extra spot?

Seems to me like, given so many "skill" commits already and lack of LB talent this year, we should hope for Carroll and Solomon and DeCastro in addition to Thompson. With two tackles already in, that would be the best line class since...a long time ago. I figure Solomon could move to guard and use his alleged 4.9 speed (at nearly 300 pounds!) to pull out and help clear a nice path downfield. What do you think?

t9odawg said...

I've got lots of time to talk HOTD. Prohusky lives near Salkum out past Mary's Corner also. I didn't know they had a traffic light at the corner.
Ty won't loosen up, it's not his nature, he's a total control freak.
Recruiting has been a pleasant surprise but we really don't what these kids can or will do for two to three years.
Will we finally see some kids improve? I haven't seen any or very little improvement on the D side of the ballside

John Berkowitz said...

Who decides?

That would be Willingham and Tormey, but I think the possibility of that happening is pretty remote.

Keep an eye on the visits for the pecking order. Thompson, Carroll, and Decastro are guys they are saving spots for. The last one is up for grabs between 4-5 players such as Pickens, Guice, Wood, Magnum, Roussel etc... . I think Ikehara and Solomon are backups for Carroll, and Decastro.

bigdave967 said...

# C DeCastro
*OG Carroll
TE Guice
#*DE Thompson
LB Magnum
#*LB Rousell
#*LB Panapa
# LB Stuckey
CB Hester
CB Long
#S Woods
S Germany-Satchell

realistically i see the * players signing but would love to have any combo of the #. Woods is a big maybe, depending on who UCLA takes and Stuckey and DeCastro have both committed else where. UW needs at least one of the MLB in the mix but it would be a huge pick up to get both. Thompson I think will sign, but is just going to check out OSU to just make sure. I wouldn't be terribly upset if we ended up with Guice because of the versatility at TE or DE but with Middleton and Thompson it might not be the biggest concern for this year. Carrol would add another big body to an already large class, which will hopefully help bolster that interior d-line or get them ready in 2 years to play O-line.

John Berkowitz said...

I think we could usa an inside line backer too. Rousell is visiting after the first of the year as is Magnum.

I think these three guys are at the top of the list right now. I also think UW has a good chance to get all three.

OG Carroll
C DeCastro
DE Everette

As far as the 4th kid it is a crapshoot at this point. The first three will dictate who the 4th is.

bigdave967 said...

Do you think that UW really has a good chance to land DeCastro? If they land him, then that O-Line class has got to be one of the best in college football. I am really excited to see the guys they got develope.

I have an off topic question...what website do you recommend for keeping up with UW recruiting? I dont want to waste money on a website to be disappointed. So far I have liked the most but you seem to have a better grasp than I. Any info from a reader would be helpful. thanks.

John Berkowitz said...

I think we can land DeCastro, he is really having second thoughts about leaving home. is the best Husky recruiting site.