Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Did anyone see the Boise State game? A pretty exciting second half with a great comeback that just fell short for the Bronco's.

The bulk of the bowl season gets rolling today. Let's take a look at the slate before we enter the weekend.

Tonight: Motor City Bowl @ Detroit

Purdue at Central Michigan

(If you want to learn more about the spread offense, and stopping the spread offense be sure to check this game out. Both of these teams have been running it for a number of years.)

Thursday: Holiday Bowl @ San Diego

#11 Arizona State at #19 Texas

(How good was the Pac Ten this year? UCLA lost to a team it had already beat in Las Vegas, how will the Sun Devils do against Texas after being aced out of a BCS bid?)

Friday : Champs Sports Bowl @ Orlando

#14 Boston College at Michigan State

(BC was the darling of the first half of the season rising as high as #2 in the country. )

Friday: Texas Bowl @ Houston

TCU vs. Houston

(This one is on the NFL Network.)

Friday: Emerald Bowl @ San Francisco

Maryland vs. Oregon State

(Oregon State had another strong finish and spends Christmas time in the Bay Area.)


The Huskies have two games left before entering conference play. They face LSU on Saturday, and Idaho State on Monday. The 7-4 Huskies could use a sweep to get ready for conference play which starts against Washington State on January 5th.

Entering the conference season with a 9-4 record would be helpful in qualifying for a tournament this Spring because the Pac Ten should be one of the top two conferences in the nation this year. Washington needs to avoid the disastrous conference start they had last season to keep interest up as the season progresses.

Washington State, UCLA, Arizona, USC, Stanford, and Oregon are the favorites to advance to the Tournament in March. WSU, and UCLA both have been ranked in the top ten all season.


It is looking like either Ron English, or DeWayne Walker will be the next Husky defensive coordinator. Both are excellent recruiters who have their eyes on head coaching jobs in the near future. I think odds are best for English right now since Walker will likely stay at UCLA if Neuheisel is named head coach.

As for Neuheisel and UCLA, the dance continues as UCLA looks for anyone they can find that is more qualified, almost importantly has less baggage. People have been chuckling about Al Golden from Temple but he is a guy that can get the job done. Just because you have never heard of him, and he has the almost impossible task of being the Owls head coach doesn't mean he isn't ready for the job.

Look for UW to have a new DC shortly after the new year if all goes to plan.


Anonymous said...

Just curious, why is nobody talking about John Tetuna from GT as the DC?

John Berkowitz said...

Tenuta is available, but he is an East coast guy. English and Walker are guys with deep West coast recruiting connections.

t9odawg said...

I'm with you John, I'll stick with west coast guys just for the recruiting aspect recruiting and they would have a greater appreciation/understanding for Husky FB tradition. The last east coast guy we tried was a disaster (TT)

John Berkowitz said...

I would be happy with Tenuta, but he isn't coming all the way out here.

If you replace Baer with guys like English, or Walker you are going to get a huge boost in recruiting. Baer as we all know was a below mediocre recruiter.