Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ron English

The hottest subject right now in Huskyland is who is going to be the new defensive coordinator. News out of LA we reported yesterday is UCLA's DeWayne Walker is Ty's leading candidate at this point.

Not so fast....Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times reports that Walker currently makes $360,000 per year which is around $120,000 more than what UW was paying Kent Baer. UCLA notoriously underpays it's head coaches so the news that they are paying an assistant that much is a surprise. It also means they are likely going to retain him if he wants to stay no matter who the head coach happens to be.

Rick Neuheisel is the leading candidate at this point and he is proposing that they hire Chow to run the offense and retain Walker to run the defense. Chow of course probably won't come unless they hire him as head man, but you have to admire Neuheisel's chutzpah in making that suggestion. I predict Neuheisel will be named head coach this week, and Walker will stay at UCLA. Walker has voiced a preference to stay at UCLA.

Ron English

Another guy that Bob mentions that we have alluded to is Michigan defensive coordinator Ron English. I like English better than Walker to tell you the truth. According to reports I have read English is unlikely to be retained by new Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez.

English, like Walker, is on the fast track to become a head coach in the near future and interviewed for both the Michigan, and Arkansas head coaching jobs.

Ron is familiar with the Seattle area after spending a year on the Seahawk coaching staff under Mike Holmgren before going back to Michigan to assume the DC position.

English was named the National Defensive Coordinator of the Year during his initial season as the defensive signal caller. The 2006 defense rated among the nation's best, finishing first against the run, fourth in sacks, seven in third down defense, 10 in total defense and 15th in scoring defense.

A 15-year veteran of college coaching, English spent five seasons at Arizona State. He coached secondary all five years with the Sun Devils, the final two years with the cornerbacks and the previous three seasons mentoring the safeties. English also tutored the secondary for two seasons at San Diego State (1996-97) and served as the outside linebackers coach at Northern Arizona (1996). His first stint at ASU was as a graduate assistant coach handling the defensive line during the 1994-95 seasons. English began his collegiate coaching career as the defensive backs coach at Mt. San Antonio College (1993) in Walnut, Calif. He coached one season at Ganesha High School (1992), his alma mater, in Pomona, Calif.

English was a four-year letterman (1987-90) and senior starter at safety for the California Golden Bears. He also started on special teams all four seasons at California.

Everette Thompson

Kennedy HS DE Everette Thompson has verbaled to Washington after picking them over Oregon, and Oregon State. Thompson is rated four stars by and is the fourth defensive linemen the Huskies have picked up this recruiting season.

UW's defensive line class may be one of the best in the nation this year with Noble, Kelemente, Ta'Amu, and Thompson. All were given a four star rating by Scout earlier this year.


hairofthedawg said...

Great news on Thompson and nice class! I also like English, especially with his secondary experience.

John Berkowitz said...

I actually think we have a better chance at English. He is a West Coast guy, and he has lived in Seattle.

Thompson is a big get. Now the focus switches to the offensive line. We need to round out the class with a couple of linemen.

bigdave967 said...

i would personally like to see us round the class out with some def back help. hopefully woods will come over from UCLA and maybe even get a chance at hester. i think that UW has done a great job so far on the line for both sides, recruiting kids that are versatile to play either Offense or Defense.

John Berkowitz said...

We have six DB's in the class right now, so if we took Woods it would be because we couldn't pass him up. I don't think we have room for both Hester and Woods.

They could take more than the limit and try to make the numbers work.

bigdave967 said...

to be honest i wouldnt mind mckay going to cougland so we can have that extra scholarship...prince will not count as this years scholarship, and neither will chris polk. that should open spots for woods and hester. they do have 5 d-backs but only taylor and glenn look like they could be legit. johri, who knows where will play. again they brought in a lot of guys that could fill needs in other areas. not knowing greg walker but his size and numbers could be tapped in for a good outside linebacker if he bulked up. its going to be interesting to see where these guys play.

John Berkowitz said...

MacKay is supposed to look great on film. From what I am hearing he is headed to UW.

BigBruin said...

UCLA always pays their assistants more based on cost-of-living in LA. The head coach sacrifices his salary but the assistants get more coin. You won't get Walker though. He'll either be the new HC or he'll stay as DC.

John Berkowitz said...

Thanks for pointing that out Big Bruin, I wasn't aware of it, but it makes sense. As far as the head coaching job goes I am hearing that it will be either Dan Hawkins, or Rick Neuheisel.

bigdave967 said...

with the talent that is coming in on the def side of the ball, walker would be smart to come to UW where he can not only mold the young players but set himself up to be the HC if Ty stumbles. he stays at UCLA and he will be an assistant for the long haul.

John Berkowitz said...

Walker is going to get a head coaching job somewhere in a year or two. UCLA won't hold him back.

bigbruin said...

That cost of living is brutal. Living in the OC you have to make at least 200K just to get out dodging bullets in front of your house. Even Walker's 300+ isn't that great.

We are bracing for Rick. Hawkins isn't regarded as a fit per whispers out of Guerrero's office. Rick's had a 2nd interview so read into that as much as you want. Odd feeling of surprise and doubt at the same time over the guy. He will win early, but what about 3-4 yaers down the line?

Nice site. I found yours via the WSU guys. They are great. Between the two you have the nw schools covered well.

John Berkowitz said...

Thanks...I try to cover the team, the region, and the whole Pac Ten.

I expect an announcement by tomorrow at UCLA. It could be Golden from Temple, that guy would be a real get, but my money is on Neuheisel.

Ulysses said...

I am a Michigan fan and sad about losing English. As a Husky fan as well, I hope they can bring him aboard.