Sunday, December 30, 2007

Nathan Ware on Neuheisel

Nathan Ware isn't mincing words on how he feels about Rick Neuheisel.

Rick Neuheisel is a liar. Rick Neuheisel is a cheater. Rick Neuheisel is not a man of integrity. Those are facts not opinions. I'm embarrassed that he ever worked for our university. He's destroyed two football programs and a leopard doesn't change his spots.

I agree with what he is saying in the past tense, but I really would like to think that Rick Neuheisel has learned from his mistakes, and will do a much better job in all area's at UCLA. Only time will tell what type of can of worms the Bruins have opened up for themselves.

As far as DeWayne Walker goes I am hearing he is staying, and I am hearing he is going....I guess it just depends on who you believe. We should find out Monday which way he is leaving, but on Friday he looked like he was headed to UW.

Goodbye Blaine we all will miss you

The Seattle Times is opening the New Year by making all types of budget cuts in the search for survival. Like all major metropolitan newspapers they are struggling to stay profitable, or even stay in business. The Internet has really hurt the dailies nationwide, but what has hurt the dailies more is not being able to adapt and take advantage of the new technology.

One of the first cuts was recent retiree Blaine Newnham who writes a column once a week on Sundays. If you are like me you will miss his input each week, and once again another slice of what makes Seattle is being sacrificed in the name of profitability and progress. Hopefully Blaine resurfaces elsewhere since he has more than a few words, and paragraph's left in him.

Frank Blethen of the Times is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and he never has been. Cutting talent isn't the way you increase profits and stay alive. You stay alive by being more aggressive in your online distribution and revenue model. Until the Times and other metro dailies realize that they won't be able to make the transition.

In the end — and this is the end — did I write as many positive columns as negative ones? Did I simply follow the pack, or did I try to guide it?

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hairofthedawg said...

Neuheisel, Schmeuheisel...Nathan's right. Leopards don't change their spots. They might change the shade of them, but the spots are still there. Baby blue spots now...

I'm sure I've enjoyed many of Blaine's columns over the years but not enough to know that he had written it. There was a day when newspaper reporters held a lot of power, or thought they did. They may have but it no longer matters and it's tough giving up what one perceives as power, even if they hadn't really had it for about 13 years.

Time passes us all by. Except for the rare occasion the Times and PI report on actual facts instead of ...I'll just shut up...