Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saturday Thoughts

UCLA is taking on BYU tonight in the Las Vegas Bowl which is a major audition for DeWayne Walker's candidacy to the be the new head coach of the school. UCLA has been striking out in it's quest to find a head coach. Mike Bellotti, and Dan Hawkins turned them down last week which means the job will either go to Rick Neuheisel, DeWayne Walker, or Temple's Al Golden. Keep an eye on Walker tonight, if they do well he just might earn himself a head coaching job.

Walker could very well be the new Husky DC by New Years. I think tonights game will be fun to watch for all Husky fans as we analyze whether Walker is the correct fit for UW if he comes available.

Dawgman's Chris Fetter's had a very interesting interview with Scott Woodward the new interim AD at Washington. I don't know if this guy will end up being the permanent AD, but he really gets it. One thing that stood out in my mind was his comment about Willingham needing to make changes to bridge the gap between himself and the fan base. I like that, and we will see what changes Ty decides to make starting this Spring.

The Husky basketball team is going to be playing Cal State Northridge tonight at Hec Ed. The game is going to be on FoxNW later this afternoon and it should be a pretty entertaining game. The Matadors tend to run and gun, and the Huskies haven't played a team yet this year that plays with that type of tempo. should be a good test for Coach Romar's young crew.


t9odawg said...

UCLA should keep Walker IMHO. His players gave him their all last night.

I'm encouraged by Woodward's comments about Ty needs to connect with the folks paying his wages. Ty is his own worst enemy. He fractured the fan base when he started and has done very little to reach out to the fans, names on the jerseys and the pre game team walk were poor token attempts by Ty and TT

bigdave967 said...

UCLA was lucky to have that game so close...they blew opportunity after opportunity. Thank god they have the best kicker in NCAA, and the blocked kick wasnt his fault. they got 6 points off of 50+ yard fg's. The Bruin Offense didnt look effective except for running the ball...having the first 100 yard rusher againist BYU. I dont know if Walker is ready to take over an offense. Their D look awesome on some plays but the O looked to vanilla.

prrbrr said...

DeWayne Walker gets my vote for our DCd. I loved how they blitzed BYUs spread at appropriate times and changed up the scheme on rushing the QB and the spread. I hope UCLA goes for the best interviewee (RN) and lets Walker go. We will need to step up the $$ to get him. I thought the UCLA team played very hard for him too.

John Berkowitz said...

Dave...The Bruin offense has had a problem all year because of the injuries at QB. You put a healthy Cowan, or Olsen in there and you have a completely different team.

Prrbrr...I think the Bruin defense played well troughout the night. Keeping BYU under 20 should have been enough to win.

I have no problem with Walker heading North...hopefully it happens...but I think his bid to become head coach got a shot in the arm yesterday.

T90- Ty has been his own worst enemy, all NW fans have ever wanted to do was embrace him, but he has pushed us away. I get the feeling that he will make major changes this Spring.

t9odawg said...

I agree John

Merry Christmas to you and Kate