Wednesday, July 05, 2006

2006 UW Tight Ends

Washington has been famous for producing top TE's for many years, and this should be the year where we make a step in the direction of getting back there. Johnnie Kirton is a kid that can play on Sunday if he can continue to improve his blocking, still coming out of Spring he was third on the depth chart. According to Ty if a guy had to start tommorow it would be Mercer Island's Mike Gottleib who walked on and earned a scholarship. Rob Lewis last years starter will be back to contribute to what will be a solid three man rotation. Redshirt Frosh Tim Williams will try to compete for playing time while providing more depth. Tim Harris a walk on JC who prepped at Bellarmine will also add to the depth.

How will they play together?

We got decent production out of the TE's last year but could use some better blocking. Kirton should be utilized a little better than he was last year. We all would like to see him carry the ball in goal line situations, but that is another story. This is one of the positions on the team where we have solid depth so I am predicting an improved year out of the TE's.

Recruiting wise landing Chris Izbicki the consensus best TE in the West early is a very good thing. There is a good chance we take another one too.

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