Thursday, July 06, 2006

2006 Washington Husky QB's

For a guy whose reputation as an elite recruiter, and elite QB coach preceeded him, Rick Neuheisel wasn't able to get the job done at either Washington, or Colorado where all the kids he has recruited have either struggled, or simply fizzled. I wouldn't exactly give credit to Neu for Cody Pickett who was basically a Lambo recruit.

Gilbertson of course gambled on Tui, lost, and never had a backup. Durocher migrated his way to the team, from Oregon during his tenure after originally being recruited by Neu, then was inherited by Lappano and Willingham. Bonnell was a Neu recruit who verbaled to WSU, sat out a year and transfered to UW.

Stanback returns as the starter this Spring as a true senior. Gilbertson just had to have him on the field as a receiver as a frosh, but the kid has stuck it out as a QB. Last season we saw a lot of improvement, but he is going to need to make the same amount of improvement this year if Washington has a chance to go to a bowl game. In his senior year Stanback has the chance to finally have a winning season as a QB, something he hasn't had in his HS, or College career as a starter.

His backup suprising enough going into the Fall is going to be Carl Bonnell who has injected his game with a fresh attitude. Injuries have held him back since he arrived, but he played well in the second half against ND in South Bend. Performance this Spring secured the back up job and he actually pressed IS a bit.

Don't count out Johnny Durocher either, he was injured in his first series during dreadful weather last year, and hasn't bounced completely back yet. He may not start while at UW, but he does provide some nice depth and competition.

The future of course arrives on campus for what is hopefully a redshirt year this Fall in Jake Locker. Locker has all the attributes, and intangibles that make a great Washington QB. What he needs is a year to learn the system, and polish his game. Chances are good he will start as a redshirt if Bonnell, and Durocher can't hold him off. Jake of course could see the field as early as the 4th game this season if IS falters, but I wouldn't bet money on that. I think Stanback will do fine.

Recruiting wise it all started with Locker turning his back on pro baseball. That was big.

This coming year we have already signed Ron Fouch from Redlands who reminds a little of Mark Brunnell, and will likely sign Kellen Killsgaard from Auburn who can also play safety.
Chris O'Connor was a great safety from Interlake who was a highly touted QB in HS. I always thought Stanback would have made a great safety.

Those three should solidify the position for the future and get it back on the right track. Kudo's to Ty for bringing in two highly regarded guys to compete with Locker.

How will they play together?

I am predicting that IS will continue to improve, and become the triple threat weapon we have always envisoned. IS is a threat when he run's the ball, and if he can develop some of the moxie Tui possesed he could be a handful supplementing the running game. He needs to carry the ball 10-12 times a game on designed plays and pick up 50-60, or more yards a game to take the pressure off the running backs. This will open things up and keep the blitz at bay which is good for our offensive line.

I think IS will have an improved target in Johnnie Kirton, and the TE corp as a whole who will be utilized in more ways this season. The receivers will continue to improve, and the addition of Reese will more than make up for Chambers. He still will throw a lot of balls to the most sure handed receiver on the field Sonny Shackleford.

IS will enter the season as one of the most experienced QB's in the Pac Ten, and that usually means a lot in this conference, for Washington perhaps, if a few breaks go there way, it will result in a bowl game.

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