Thursday, July 06, 2006

2006 Washington Wide Receivers

Rick Neuheisel was always an offensive minded person, still it is interesting that he loaded one single class full of so many wide receivers. Currently we have lots of depth, but soon most of these guys are going to be gone, and we are going to have a depth and experience problem.

Going into 2006 the starters are led by Shackleford, Williams, and Russo. All three have considerable experience, and have been making strides during the off season to make improvement. None of the three have proven to be spectacular. Williams has never been the same since his wrist injury at ND. Russo doesn't give you a lot after the catch, while Shackleford has been the best overall target.

Marlon Wood was off to a good mid season start last year as a return specialist and big play receiver when he was downed by a cheapshot on a long return against USC. Coming out of Spring he was at 80%, and should be fully recovered by Fall. Wood is a legitimate return threat when healthy.

Last years big play threat Craig Chambers took his show to Missoula, Montana over the Winter. While a kid with that type of big play potential is missed, his attitude won't. Newcomers Chancellor Young, and Marcel Reese will join the rotation giving it more speed, and definitely more size. Reese is a huge target, and by midseason could be one of the more dangerous kids in the conference. Young didn't break the starting lineup after the Spring, but he is making a push for playing time. Alex Mercier a walk on JC also pushed himself into the rotation this Spring, and should see a lot of time this Fall.

Cody Ellis, Charles Smith, and Quinton Daniels round out the guys trying to gain time in the rotation this year, it will be tough for Smith, and Daniels who have been held back by injury. They have to remember that Ty doesn't offer automatic 5th years so they need to step it up. Ellis had some nice catches last year after moving over from CB, he will get time again this year at a very crowded spot.

Since the position is manned by mostly juniors, and seniors Ty brought in Mosley, Goodwin, and Meyer's to redshirt at the position this season. Meyers, and Mosley will also get a look at TB since the position is so thin. Goodwin has good speed but needs another year to build size, and strength.

The Huskies have a lot of numbers here, and the best athletes are going to see the field, but during the next two years those numbers are going to go away as the group includes two seniors, and seven juniors. With numbers like that you can see Ty not rewarding a couple of redshirt juniors with a 5th year.

Recruiting wise the Huskies will probably bring in two frosh for 2007. Word is that they just about have one of the best on the West Coast ready to commit so Ty is off to a good start recruiting this year.

How will they play together?

We have lot's of depth, and that is good for any position. We also have lot of experience, plus we are blending in some new talent. If IS can get them the ball, and he is going to have to do that in less than three seconds, we are going to be alright. Reese adds a whole new definition to the squad as a whole which will allow the offense to open up. Shackleford is coming off a strong year and he will compliment any tandem you put beside him. Williams is due for the breakout we have seen coming since he was recruited.

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