Sunday, July 16, 2006

Game One San Jose St

Over the next week or so we will be taking an early look at the upcoming schedule. To be honest it is pretty tough to accurately forecast what we have till these guys hit the field in September. I am taking an optimistic stance going into the season, I liked what I saw in the spring game. I think the team will continue to improve with the newcomers coming this Fall. Having a second Spring, and Summer under the same coaches with no turmoil, and more depth should yield more wins. During the season once we get a good look we will forecast every week, and of course compare that to the pre season predictions to see where we are at seer wise.

Washington opens up the season September 2nd with a scrimmage against San Jose St led by ex Arizona, and Hawaii head coach Dick Tomey. San Jose of course will improve under Tomey since he is a solid coach, they went 3-8 last year, but Washington should have no problem with the Spartans.

The Spartans, and the Huskies have a few things in common, both are rebuilding, both are at the bottom of their conference, and they both have a little more depth this year which should help both squads crawl back towards .500.

The UW offense will enjoy a soft landing against a Spartan defense that only returns two starters, but Tomey has been known to put together a tough defense over time. On offense the men from Silicon Valley return a good RB in Yonus Davis and an experienced offensive line. The Spartans will decide on a QB during drills in August, so the Huskies will be facing a rookie in his first game which our defense is going to love.

Everyone expects Washington to win this game, and some publications suggest that it may be the only victory this year. I however feel much differently after watching the team improve over the Spring with help coming into camp next month.

I predict Washington will roll against a defense with too many newcomers, and an offense with a rookie QB. I think Stanback will have a big day, and we will be able to run at will.

What could go wrong?

Turnovers, and turnovers that turn into points. Washington needs to take care of the ball. The Spartans played much better last year under Tomey only losing by a TD to Nevada, Utha St, and Hawaii, they won't lay down like past Spartan teams.

UW 42 San Jose St 6 (1-0)


hairofthedawg said...

One good sign came in a Ted Miller article today. Actually several players were mentioned but it said Gunheim was up to 260 and working hard. I hope he's kept his speed because that seems like quite a jump in weight to me.

prrbrr said...

JohnB, once again a great post. I was the anonymous poster on the walk ons, haven't figured out how to post here yet with my name. Yes, i don't want to read about aemery or ND rantings either so this is a welcome change, kinda reminds me of dawgmans early days. I am also a rabid fan, so much so that we live in SoCal, have season tickets, make most road games, and have missed only 3 home games last year and Army in 95 due to work requirements, Am retired now so that shouldn't happen again. San Jose will be a statement that will bring the fair weather fans back, I feel 38-17, with Isaiah having a big day. Anyway, great job, it is a lot of work, please keep at it, Prrbrr

Health Insurance Expert said...

I am going to comment on the Ted Miller article today, found it to be very telling, and frankly not reassuring.

Good to see you over here Prrbrr, will make a note on the top so people can more easily figure out what to do to comment.

This is going to be a very busly Fall for me because I get married over Labor Day, then take off to Hawaii for three weeks, so I won't be able to get to a game live until October.

I told my fiance that Norman, Oklahoma was a wonderful place for a honeymoon, but that didn't fly!

hairofthedawg said...

can't say I blame her :)

Health Insurance Expert said...

Too bad we turned down the Hawaii game this year....I could have worked something around that angle.

Prrbrr, I love the Dawgman site, but the message boards can be a little junky, but I still read it each day. This is just an extra place to go in addition to there.

I imagine as we get into the season we should attract a core group of around 20 guys who will be fun to interact with. Right now we have we have a little room for growth.

hairofthedawg said...

I haven't looked to see if you have a stat tracker, but can you see how many are lurking? There are probably quite a few.

prrbrr said...

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage, and can't say I blame her on choosing Hawaii over Okla. Thankfully my wife of 36 years plus is also a UW grad and loves the dawgs too. We plan on flying up to SEA for opener 31 aug, as air traffic will be bad due to labor day. The away games we will miss this year are WSU (too hard 2 plane trips, rental car and long drive in potentially bad weather) Oregon (we quit going because of their fans crudity, more like Raiders than college fans everywhere else) but other than that should be at the rest. You really need to get Fleenor over here JB. there are some other good posters too, i like Montlake, Passion (if we can chill him out a litlle) 500 mile dawg, taft and AAndy, hopefully they will drift over here eventually to just talk Husky football withouts emotions running over. Again, hoping a long a very happy marriage to you both Prrbrr

Health Insurance Expert said...

I don't have a stat ticker yet, I should look into to doing that when I get a free moment. It would be easy to insert.

As far as the other guys coming over, more people will drift by. If there is a post here you think that everyone should read, post it over there,or at other sites you visit, and maybe a few more people will come by and post here.

I think this thing will build slowly over the Summer, and as practices and games start you will see quite a few guys who will post in both places.

Anyone that visits will be able to see that there is quite a bit of content over here that will increase over time.

This is more like the cigar room of a private club over here. The message boards over there are great, but a lot of poop gets thrown around in the process.