Saturday, July 22, 2006

A couple of land mines to avoid

Washington football has a few achilles heals going into the 2006 season. Like last season the team will have a chance at a .500 record if they can find a way to win in the 4th quarter. Like last season there are painfully shallow positions that could cause season long problems if injuries or attrition occur. I am a firm believer if Washington had gotten the JC CB's in school last year we would have won 2-3 more games. That statement isn't a testimony to their talent, just that the depth they would have provided that was severly missed.

The first trouble spot is running back. James Hasty most likely will spend the Fall in the wood shed getting his grades back in order. He isn't the first player to run into this problem, but his absense reduces depth at two positions that can't afford it, CB, and TB.

Shelton Sampson will prove to be an able replacement in the RB rotation, but Hasty will be missed. There is a domino effect here because UW failed to bring in a true frosh RB.
Sampson with his speed was certain to make the rotation at CB this year, with his absense that means we go into the year with only five CB's. I think Mosley will be moved over to CB rather than ply his trade at TB. The Domino effect could continue with Harris, or Wells moving over from safety to add depth.

We are talking about the possible loss of only one player, and because of a lack of depth it could cause positions shifts involving half a dozen players. You hate to see that, but not bringing in a RB last year puts us in this position. I doubt that Ty put's all his bread in one basket again.

The offensive line is a similar powder keg waiting to explode. The interior is anchored by three very solid linemen, Garcia, Walker, and Daniels. Losing any of those three would be very damaging because there is no experienced depth behind them, especially at Center where a walkon true frosh will provide back up. Kava (back after taking two years off), Bulyca, and Bush are all big question marks going into the year ability wise, so you would hate to see them pushed into the starters position. You do however need one of those guys, most likely Bulyca, to make the rotation. Flowers who is listed at tackle will be a utility guy playing all over and where needed each game. So you figure a rotation of Garcia, Walker, Daniels, Flowers, and either Bulyca, Kava, or Bush. (Most likely Bulyca). Garcia, and Walker are Center #1, and #2.

The major percieved weakness is out at tackle where Macklin, Ossai, and Flowers will share time. Behind them are Mason (needs a redhirt year), Berglund (back after taking two years off), and Roseborough (needs another year of work), plus two Frosh Tolar, and Habben who are probably not ready to play yet. I think you will see Roseborough in limited action this year, and you will like what you see till he runs out of breath.

A lot of people threw up their arms when JWF was moved over here, then some rubbed their heads questioning why he got moved back. I can guess that he didn't like the move and specifically asked to move back to defense. I wouldn't be suprised to see him back on offense at some point especially if injuries take their tool. The loss of Jefferson out here is major. JWF could be an impact OT, but it doesn't happen over night.

If Washington can dodge bullets in the offensive line, and at running back we might be bowling this year, but as you can see, the absence of just one player can effect the entire team even if he is third in the RB rotation. UW can't afford injuries.

Lack of depth can kill, and just a few more surprises can destroy a team living on the edge of depth, and talent.


hairofthedawg said...

You mention Flowers being the utility guy. Is that due to intelligence or some other reason?

Has Kava gained back the weight he lost?

I had to laugh as I agreed with your comments on Rosborough. I hope he sees the field.

prrbrr said...

JB, two observations. A most critical lacking depth position is QB. If IS for some reason goes down, I have no doubt CB will adequately fill in, but JD did not impress me the last spring outing, nor any time I have seen him play. Also, next year with Rankin as a Sr and Hasty (asuuming he gets his stuff together) as a RS soph, this recruiting class would be an excellent one to get a big back from the JCs that could come in as a Jr (3 yrs to play 2 best case) and possibly another JC back with at least 3 yrs to play three, which could backfill the recruiting loss of Monty. We could be like WSU and Oreg and start picking up what Heckman used to say were the easiest positions to assimilate JCs into, RB and WR.

hairofthedawg said...

I don't know pb. I remember Tui being brought in under fire and Jake reminds me of him in both attitude and skills. Then again, I only know what I read. You're right about RB, another Dillon would be nice but he was a special case. I think most JC's need a redshirt regardless of position. I'd love to be proven wrong.

OT: Congrats to Floyd Landis!

Can the frosh participate in summer drills?

Health Insurance Expert said...

Flowers is a guy they prefer inside, but he will start out outside because of lack of depth. Denbrock makes sure that all his linemen practice inside and outside so they can switch around in case of emergency. Ossai and Macklin will most likely start, and Flowers will fill in where needed, mostly at tackle we hope. Flowers isn't exactly a reserve, he is more like the 6th starter in a five man line.

Kava has gained back the weight. He did play as a true frosh which was surprise to me. The guys at DM have written him off, but I think he will surprise, never write off a kid from the islands.

You can't keep Rosborough on the bench, at least on one side of the bench. He will see as much time as his conditioning will allow.

I think we are ok at QB, I feel IS is truly the man this year, I doubt we have to use Locker. Don't write off CB, or JD, they both keep getting better.

If Berglund can give us some quality minutes it would be a nice surprise. Ty didn't feel he was too rusty.

As far as recruiting goes they will bring in three RB's if they can and one will be a big back. they are close on a couple right now. I doubt they get a JC back unless someone jumps out at them. this will not be a big JC recruiting year, but count on them to grab a couple.

Can the frosh participate in summer drills? Yes, most, or all of them are already in Seattle. Summer drills are unofficial, but I do believe the training staff is present, at least they are at Northwestern since a kid died a few years ago from a heart attack.

I did stop by Northwestern yesterday to watch Summer drills, and it was a very determined group of kids working hard. Too bad about them losing Walker, you hate to see that. Anyway, they had the trainers present.

I am not a big Mildcat fan, but I can't ignore a Div 1 team withing walking distance of where I live.