Thursday, July 27, 2006

Montlake Blue's

With the announcement that a couple of key guys may miss the season because of grade/credit problems depth concerns start to get magnified before the first snap of August drills.

The key to word remember is may, as in they may be ineligible, they also may be eligible, nothing is for sure yet, so cross your fingers. I have heard, and it is now posted on the DM board that Hasty should be ok afterall.

IMHO, I find it strange that the Seattle Times would run a rumor rather than wait till the results are in. All it does is cause hassles, pressure and embarrasment for the kids involved. I also wonder where Condotta got the information?

Anyway, just my two cents.


Well guess what, Willingham has confirmed that Hasty, Flowers, and Smith will all be ineligible for this coming season. In addition to that he announced that Chancellor Young was also ineligible, and along with Flowers has dropped out of school and will pursue opportunities elsewhere.

So not really great news. Hasty and Smith will have the opportunity to stay in school if they choose to regain eligibility for next year. I wouldn't count though on Smith being invited back.

So I guess Condotta knew what he was talking about.


hairofthedawg said...

multiple expletives deleted...

Health Insurance Expert said...

It does suck, not exactly what you wanted to hear.

prrbrr said...

Oh well, my rationalization: every school has preventable losses announced around now, at least ours were not for arrests this year. I agree with you that Charls Smith will be among the 5th years that will not be invited back.