Friday, July 21, 2006

Football Stadiums I have visited

I have always had a little wanderlust, maybe that is the reason I have been gone from Seattle for the past 16 years. I never thought I would leave the Northwest, but as opportunites, and technology expanded I have been able to keep in touch enough each day to not get to homesick.

People often ask me on the Dawgman board how many games I get to see a year, and I usually average around five, but the last two years like many I haven't been going as much. The last two years I have only been to two games which is an all time low since I left town. the team was so bad under Gilby that it was tough to watch.

Traditionally I always take in the Oregon game at home, or on the road. I have been going with the same guys, a mix of UO, and UW graduates for over 25 years. It does seem that I have been spending too much time in Autzen, it seems we play on the road there every year. Duck fans are as bas as advertised, and every game there is always an incident. I do love the Stadium, but it isn't as intimidating as the old Autzen.

I like games at Oregon State, the fans are a lot better behaved, and the new Reser isn't a bad place to watch a game. The old Parker was a joke, have seen better looking HS stadiums. I like to tailgate over by the river by the stadium.

I love California because the fans are nice, and the stadium is an ancient wonder. It is going to redone in the next couple of years and it will be among the best venues in the country when they are through. The stadium is a mini version of the Rose Bowl. Stay in Union Square and take the BART.

I have taken in a few games at the Rose Bowl to watch us play UCLA, and of course Big Ten opponents, and I love everything about the place. I hope they don't NFL it in the future and it just stays the same. UCLA fans are friendy.

The Coliseum is in the middle of a dicey neighborhood as we all know. It isn't a great stadium, the fans are classy. A trip to LA is always good because there is just so much to do down there.

Arizona St is one of my favorites, I like the fact that you can always arrive and buy tickets on the fifty near the top of the stadium for almost any game. I love Scottsdale, and the golf that comes with it.

I haven't been in Arizona's stadium even though I have made the trip twice. Ended up playing golf, not making the drive, and watching it on TV.

The new Stanford Stadium has me intrigued, the old place was falling apart. The campus is out of this world to walk through.

I have been to Aloha Stadium in Hawaii and it is a nice venue to watch a game. There is nothing wrong with being in Hawaii.

I have been to Notre Dame twice, and really enjoyed the experience, but of course not the games because the Huskies didn't show up either time.

Nebraska of course has the best fans, they beat you with kindness. Memorial Stadium is what you expect, but it isn't exactly a pretty state.

The Big House in Michigan is huge, and it is really congested. They have good site lines despite the enormous size. The fans are great, and it is an easy drive from Chicago.

Tennessee is a must see kind of place perched overlooking a big river, many people come by boat. The view is gone because they have built so many seats.

I liked the facilites at Ohio State, but the fans left a lot to be desired, same with the outcome.

Miami was a nightmare from a fan safety perspective. South Florida is humid cess pool anyway. The Stadium of course has some nice history, but it's ancient....I don't see us playing down there for awhile.

Vanderbilt is a little jewel, very fun to watch a game then head to Rotiers for a cheeseburger in paradise. Nashville is a fun town to hang in for a weekend.

I have been to two games in Boulder, Colorado and just loved it. Boulder is a great town.

Air Force Academy has a large stadium which has a great view of the Rockies.

If you are ever in Missoula Montana on game day a Grizzly game is a lot of fun, have done that once and enjoyed it. Missoula is a fun town.

The MetroDome in Minneapolis is the worst place I have ever been to watch a football, or baseball game. The lighting is so dim it puts you to sleep. UM is building a new 50,000 seat stadium on campus.

I see a couple of games at Northwestern each year and enjoy the remodeled facility. The fans of course are nice, and you are pretty close to the field.

Purdue, Indiana, Michigan St, and Wisconsin are also within easy driving range of Chicago, but I haven't made it to a game at one of those places yet. I think we still have Indiana on the schedule in a couple of years.

I have seen five Packers game at Lambeau in Green Bay. The stadium remodel is just great, and the atmosphere is by far the best in pro football. I went before they remodeled and loved it to. They didn't ruin it when they redid it.

The new Soldier Field is sterile, and corporate, you aren't missing much here. I did go to a Stones Concert before they remodeled and I liked it a lot.

My fiance attended Boston College so we will head back to Chestnut Hill to take in a game one fall and drive through New England watching the leaves turn.


prrbrr said...

Wow, JB you do travel a lot. Don't get me wrong, 90% of the Oregon fans are okay, but that last 10% drove me to vow never to spend another dime in Eugene; perhaps in a few years we will go back and see if the atmosphere has improved any. We have been to all 10 Pac 10 stadiums, well except for the new Stanford facility, by far HS is #1, with the RB and CAL a close second. However HS is starting to look tired with rust spots on the South upper deck, the lower bowl concrete crumbling like the Coliseum. i'm not a fan of ASU or UA stadium, too modernesque for me. Michigan was something, but they needed to have more exits and staircase space. The most gorgeous facility so far, along with the traditional pre,half, and post game shows has been The Ohio St. After I saw that, I said we have a long way to go just to match their facilities and game day experience. For some reason, their fans didn't bother us or we didn't see the 5% obnoxious drunk factor. We are looking forward to checking out Norman, OK stadium. Some other venues I hope someday to see the Huskies play in, Penn St, and the academies (purely to watch the corps of cadets/midshipmen). BYU was also a picturesque venue, too bad the refs were homers and we stayed in SLC anyway so we could have a drink or two but not at the same time as you can only have one glass in front of you.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I wouldn't go as far as 90%, would put it more around 60% at Oregon.

I do like ASU because it is built between two mountains, the area around the stadium is a fun place to gaze at the coed's, and knock back a few beers.

I think an OSU type remodel of Husky Stadium would be great, but we would only need a third of the number of boxes according to Turner. They are way ahead of UW, and most other schools.

I am always up to visit a new stadium, hopefully I will see more of the Big Ten, SEC, and ACC in coming years.

hairofthedawg said...

Thanks for your thought guys. Now all I have to do is get my butt back to the states and do some traveling.