Friday, July 21, 2006

Very bad news

James Hasty may be ineligible.

Shelton Sampson returning may turn out to be a big deal, they are moving him back to TB.

Coming out of the Spring Hasty was a soild #3 behind James, and Rankin which it should be since they are upper classmen with a lot of experience. There was a concern that Hasty had put on too much weight and lost some speed in the process. This loss hurts the depth more than anything, and with only three RB's on the roster it could be serious if injuries pop up as they always do.

The best RB Washington had at the end of the year was actually a guy who started out as a Safety, and was moved to FB, James Sims. That tells you a lot about the durability of Rankin, and James.

Mosley, Meyers, and maybe even Butler will get a shot at TB this Fall to help bolster the depth, but all three are better suited at other positions. Putting them at TB for a year hinders their growth.


hairofthedawg said...

I hope he has enough time to get things right. I called him a wild card for this year but I wanted him to at least be available no matter how much he played. I've had some tough wake-up calls, but none in a major newspaper, although I'm sure he was aware that he was cutting it close. Then again, I'm assuming athletes are closely monitored as far as academics go and also that the athletes care.

What does ineligible mean? Completely off the team? Can he practice? Is he still on scholarship?

Health Insurance Expert said...

Good question, what does ineligible mean?

What it usually means is you have to do some time at North Seattle CC, and get back into school Winter, or Spring Quarter.

All the athletes are closely monitored, and to flunk out you have to be a real bonehead. I am saying that because there is really no excuse at UW where even Dyslexic athletes have made honor roll with hard work.

The academic support athlete's get at UW is pretty impressive compared to other schools. Please note that UW, Air Force, and Stanford have the highest grad rates West of the Rockies.

More athletes than you realize need Summer school each year to stay eligible, and it looks like Hasty failed to pass a needed class. Tough lesson, but it wasn't because of lack of support.