Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pac Ten Football Blog Links

If you look at the right column I have added links to the other Pac Ten Blogs. I haven't found blogs, for Stanford, Arizona, and Arizona St, but when I do I will add them.

Please visit these blogs, add a post, ask a question, but make sure to be courteous while you are there. Hopefully we can get the editors of those blogs to write a visiting team post during the weeks we play them. Doing reciprocal things like that boost the popularity of the linked sites. Having a friendly relationship with the other college football bloggers is a good thing for everyone, it gives everybody more content, and fun.

The blogs are a whole different animal than the network scouting sites such as Rivals, Scout...etc... . I love those sites, but I am also excited about the blogging concept in comparison to message boards.

I will also be adding links from college football blogs all over the country over the next few weeks as time allows. The link for our site will be added to the other blogs and that should insure that we have a lot of traffic going through here once the season starts.

Another thing I have been doing this weekend is optimizing the blog. What that means is that it will start showing up in the search engines over the next few weeks once the site is indexed. I should have done it earlier, but I wanted to see how it went the first month before investing the time and resources. Web optimization is something I spend a lot of time for my health insurance sites, so I have some experience getting good results. For college football it still pretty easy compared to a commodity like health insurance, so we should get some good traffic which will keep things lively around here.

If you guys have any idea's let me know.


hairofthedawg said...

Probably outdated by now, but some guy once asked me how I got my rugby club list on top of the search engines without metatags. I still don't know what they are. There just weren't many rugby sites around back then.

Like you, I enjoy the dawgman chat room during games, especially when I can't watch the game. It can get unruly, but it's generally a fun visit. For Mariners' games I usually go to and follow their game thread along with one of the auto-update game representations. Go check out one of their game threads and see if you'd like to do something like that. One word of warning though, if it gets popular enough, it can cause a server crash as you'll read if you visit

Thanks for the links...I'm off to check them out.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Meta tags are simple code that lists what the particular web page is about so the robots from google etc... can easily index your site by reading that info as they explore your site.

Meta Tags are easy to generate, most template websites have template generators that generate titles, descriptions, and keywords, for each page.

You are right, there aren't a lot of Rugby sites, so even without Meta Tags it would probably rank high way back when. Today it is a lot harder, and it would be tough to do without tags even though there importance has diminished compared to relevant links.

If you google Husky football you will see Husky Digest,Malamute, Dawgman, and Realdawg near the top. You won't find us for a few weeks, but we will be on page one because there simply isn't a lot of relevant content on the web about Husky Football.

I like USS Mariner site and visit every day. Those guys were using a server in a closet that they stuck together with chewing gum, and bailing wire.

I offered to help them when they went down, but they blew me off.

They have a fantastic site, but like most people, limited internet marketing knowledge. I recomended Adsense and gave them a few tips, but they said they had done it before and made $0. Pretty strange because none of my blogs have anywhere near the traffic they have, but we make around $300 a month on stuff like that which helps pay the operating expenses of the retail health insurance sites.

I am lucky to have access to virtually free unlimited server space so I'm not too concerned about problems like they had. The insurance web services company that I am a partner in hosts over 5000 sites, so we have ample room for the Husky blog if this site becomes popular.

If you see ad's on a site you support, and enjoy, click on them once whenever you visit, it usually helps the guy break even on his beer, and hosting charges.

Back in the early days of Dawgman Moni used to ask us to click the ads and it helped them get compensated for the immense time they put in before paid memberships.

hairofthedawg said...

Back then I just used to use notepad. Now I use front page, but keep things pretty basic. I'm not sure what the goal is at ussmariner. They know their baseball and now sell t-shirts, but my original thought was that they just wanted to get away from usenet. I don't blame them for that. I'm down to two newsgroups and both of them are dying a slow death.

Rugby coverage is getting better. There are now at least three sites that cover the sport and concentrate on the North American game so I don't feel like a complete mushroom anymore.

Malamute's up there? I like his site, but didn't think he would be near the top. I remember when it was Coz and Huskyfan...seems like there was one more, but I don't remember. I didn't know about dawgman on Prodigy but that probably the same time frame. I do remember clicking the occasional ad as well.

I just noticed that your ads were all for Auburn. Something you can control, or does it cycle through?

Health Insurance Expert said...

Plenty of room for everyone believe it, or not for all categories of Husky Sports on Google. I remember Husky fan, he had all types of historical stuff, not sure if it is still up or not.

I used to play Rugby for the Seattle Rugby Club back in the day. It was my favorite sport because you actually got to carry the ball on occasion.

The ad's just cycle through I guess till the algorythym settles on exactly what type of visitors we get. I am surprised we don't have more Cyprus related

As far as blogging goes the best way to go is Blogger because Google owns it. Google is one of the few consumer oriented things that Bill Gates wasn't succesful killing.

If you build your own website the best way to go is using a cheap template that you can easily edit and customize. I had front page years ago but have abandoned it for templates.

The goal at USS Mariner?

I think it is just for three guys to share their statistical baseball knowledge with M's fan's. All three are pretty good. Commercially their goal is just to be able to pay the hosting charge.

hairofthedawg said...

Seattle RFC, not really sure what's up with them now. They've always had a solid reputation, but now play in the BC league, which is good for a better quality of competition, but doesn't do much for their US standing. OPSB seems to be the most prominent local side. The better UW players have ended up there. Kind of surpisingly, at least to me, a former UW player, Jeremy Nash, plays for the Chicago Lions, I believe. He's participated in the recent series of matches in which the two top representative side from the US played so he's doing well.

Rugby's a blast and I'll leave it at that.

I agree on the Cypriot ad statement, but it's mostly oranges and lemons here, aside from overpriced villas.

Well, tonight's one of the nights I'll be up for the Mariners' game so off I go.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Seattle RC never really was fond of the pompous OPSB, and while I knew a few guys on that team which was started by former UW Rugby players, the politics were always dominated by a few guys who never even played the sport. I think they have their own practice facility in West Seattle by Sealth if I am not mistaken.

SRC was never a political deal, it was for fun, sport, and party, we didn't take ourselves as seriously as OPSB, and the ringers they would import from England and such by giving them a job. "Johnny Jeans" I think was a player for England who played for OPSB during my time.

I was recruited once for OPSB, the guy I think that talked to me was Dick Smith, did I get that right? Was not impressed, kind of a dick, no pun intended, the conversation was all about if I was even good enough for OPSB which was strange since they called me, I didn't call them.

I live very close to the Chicago Lion's club house and considered joining them when I first moved here, but I was 41 at the time, out of shape, and out of the sport for ten years, so I never followed up on it. No reason to get beat up by younger guys.

At Seattle we had a guy named Dick Barnes who was still playing in his 50's, pretty amazing. so I guess they do have Masters divisions for the insane oldsters.

Anyway I agree, Rugby is a blast, funnest sport I ever played.

hairofthedawg said...

That kind of surprises me as, based solely on things I've read, Seattle always seemed the more pompous of the two. I've never had any direct interaction with either team, so I have no basis for an opinion, other that my right to spout it, right or wrong. OPSB employ a lot of islanders these days and weren't impressive socially in the one tournament in which I watched them, and in truth, the social aspect was always the most enjoyable. Not the drunk and stupid kind but the beat up on one another and laugh about it afterward part of the game.

I visited Chicago in I think 1996 when they hosted the national championships and they're, or were, a very accessible group of guys, and gals. They did a good job hosting. I haven't played since Korea, also at the age of 41. Made one good hit in practice and got fallen upon by a huge guy that tweaked my knee so bad I had to call in to work and tell the boss I couldn't move. It was true. I get to watch a bit live over here on the RAF base and Cyprus has a heavy British presence so most important matches are on TV. Wish I could say the same for Husky games...someday....back to football.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I left Seattle almost twenty years ago, so I have no idea how SRC, and OPSB evolved toward today.

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