Friday, July 28, 2006

Some good news

Since we got our dose of bad news for the Summer I thought I would dig up a couple of encouraging stories.

Jordan White-Frisbee has been cleared for Spring drills. That is great news, the defense is a whole different animal when he is in there. His Freshman year he made Hopoi look like an All American because he freed up so much room. The next year without JWF, Hopoi went to being average. Let's hope he is ready to rumble.

Oregon lost four players, so as I said here and at Dawgman, it happens almost every year in every program. Running back Terrell Jackson, defensive lineman Thor Pili, linebacker Tucker Callahan and offensive lineman Levi Horn -- have decided to leave Oregon for more playing time. Jackson, a sophomore, was the only player among the four who played last season, with 27 carries for 107 yards.

Senior California quarterback Steve Levy has been charged with felony assault after police say he threw a pint glass at a bar bouncer who asked him to leave an establishment in North Beach. Levy has been indefinitely suspended from the team while Cal looks into the situation. The formal charge Levy faces is assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm and the maximum sentence is four years in prison.


prrbrr said...

Also saw that JT Deiderichs was ineligble at WSU plus they also had some Nq's. I agree with you 3-4 losses every year from everybody, our problem was the loss at OL and the speed at WR hurt. The really bright side, none of our losses were for run ins with the law.

Health Insurance Expert said...

The Ballard kids just aren't making it. Bankhead is a question mark concerning qualifying at WSU, and Ashby quit UW. Too bad about Diederichs, but he has had plenty of chances to get it together.

hairofthedawg said...

The news about our losses disappoints rather than surprises me, but not nearly as much as the fact that a pint glass is a deadly weapon other than a firearm. I need to be more careful watching games in pubs until we start winning.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I am sure once the season starts up some of our posts will offer a more inebriated point of view.

You are going to lose a few every year, that is the way it goes, but don't forget, every other program goes through this too.

prrbrr said...

Hair, yep bars can be dangerous. I used to be pretty vocal at them but as i've aged have mellowed a bit. I saw a lot of crud at them to include throwing pints, definitely dangerous. Why pubs don't go to Polycarbonate glasses is beyond me, besides the safety issue, less loss from broken inventory. I will confess to being at the Palmer House bar in Chicago when USC played Okla for the title a few years ago, seems like i needed JohnB there as everyone in the place was OU, or maybe they were just more vocal, all i kept saying was the line from Remember the Titans "run it up, let there be no doubt" I know I torqued a bunch of them, surprised I didn't get my lights punched out, so a good reason to enjoy your imbibes at a classy place rather than the places i frequented in my youth.