Thursday, July 27, 2006

Game Seven Oregon State

This used to be one of the games on the schedule you could circle for a W, just like San Jose St, or Pacific, you could always depend on the Beaver's for a win. The Beav's like everyone else have had their way with us lately, last years 18-10 loss was particularly galling since the game was there for the taking.

Coach Riley is in his second stint with the Beavers. The team is led by UCLA tranfer QB Matt Moore. The Beavers score points under Riley, and the offense should improve with a returning QB. Moore is prone to interceptions, and he had 19 last year, so self destruction is always a part of the Beavers playbook. The OL returns everyone this year and is led by Roy Scheuning. Bernard returns after a 1300 plus year at RB.

The problem with the Beavers is their defense. Their defense was among the worst in the Pac Ten last year, and they lost four of their best players, so they are in a rebuilding mode.

Why Washington will Win

We should be able to run all day on the Beavers.

IS is going to have field day against the Beaver defense.

The Beaver offense while productive will be up against a stiff and opportunistic Washington Defense.

We are playing at Husky Stadium.

Why Oregon State will win

Moore gets hot and Washington can't stop him

Washington hands the ball over to OSU

What do I think?

I think no way do we lose to Oregon State. They have as many holes as we do. This is another one of those winnable games. I just think if offensive line is up to par we should be able to take these guys.

For those keeping score with my predictions that puts us at 5-2 right now. That means one more win for a bowl game. The news of this past week with all the ineligible players wasn't good, but it isn't terminal either, we can play with these guys, and with most of the teams on our schedule.

Washington 38 Oregon St 24 (5-2)


prrbrr said...

JohnB, appreciate this info on the teams, but the games are now too far out to make a prediction, but agree with you if we played in a month or so my prediction would mirror yours. Injuries, losses to academics and trouble will all play a major factor. So depth is now an even greater concern to me, as every team will have some hurts by the 4th game. OSU's Matt Moore was another one of the UCLA QBs who beat us , think it was the game where he was 3 or 4 string behind Paus brother, Olson (drew), and the Oline was a mismatch of 2/3rd stringers, and we still lost. This is one we must have to go bowling.

hairofthedawg said...

Good points prrbrr...and the losses make my dream SC scenario even more unlikely than it already was. I'm starting to wonder if we'll burn redshirts.

hairofthedawg said...

Oh yeah, there's just no way, any year, I can predict the Huskies losing to OSU.

prrbrr said...

Hair, at one time there was talk of Rsing Mason, the JC tackle, but I would say with Flowers gone that is very remote. A good chance for Roseborough to also get in some extra minutes depending on his fitness. I hope they don't move any of the two deep defensive line guys to OL, a smarter move might be to move Jovan OConnor back to OT which is where he wants to play anyway. He would provide depth there anyways, more so than never seeing the field at DT.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I think the games are too far out to make an accurate prediction, but that is just what all the writers did this past Summer in voting UW last in the Pac Ten.

This is all for fun, we won't no anything for sure till we see them play 2-3 times.

I can tell you this, I predict UW will beat OSU, and that predcition probably won't change come game day.

As we go through the season we have more up to date previews and reviews each week.

Don't let the defections of the past week bother you too much, they aren't terminal. We are still in about the same shape, just less depth.

Mason definitely won't redshirt, and could be starting at some point. Berglund will probably see more time than Rosebourgho. Berglund was Macklin's twin,

O'Connor, and Reffert are both guys who have spent time on the OL, so either could be options if they think they need it. I think they stay put.

prrbrr said...

JohnB okay so we agree that it is far out to predict, but my feet wont be held to the fire so here are my WAGs. Probable victories, SJS, Oreg St, Stanford. Sure losses Okla, USC, Cal. Too close to call this early but the pollyanna in me (I was with Dman a few years ago in 12-0) says we can beat Fresno St, UCLA, Az,WSU and with a few strange bounces ASU and Oreg. So that makes me a mind boggling 9-3 plus a win in the Sun. Well got to go finish my bottle of wine now, no feet to the fire for me. Will you be playing the prediction game at Dawgman again this year? I saw you were always slightly ahead of me last year but I had to quit after the UCLA game last year due to work requirements.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I am going to try and play the prediction game, but I am going to be in Hawaii for most of September so it will be interesting to see how much time I have.

Oklahoma, and Fresno will be on TV, so I will be able to watch. SJS will have to be listened to on XM Radio.

In the past I have been in the DM chat room during games I don't attend. Hopefully my fiance will let me have a little time off for good behavior to do that on game day in Hawaii.

hairofthedawg said...

That's one of the few reasons I'd consider a prenup. Manapua and mai tais...enjoy.