Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Game Six USC....ouch

This is actually a rebuilding year at USC, perhaps reloading is more accurate. The Trojan's recruit pretty darn well. They now recruit nationally more than they ever have. The talent returning is ample for another run at the Pac Ten crown, and a BCS berth. Still they won't be at the level they were the past 3-4 years, at least not on paper going into the season.

It is good for conference prestige when USC is playing well. A healthy USC means a healthy conference. Still there are a few chinks beginning to appear in the armor. The off season was marred by serious off field problems. USC also graduated a lot of talent to the NFL last year and that will give a lot of young talent a chance to show what they can do. Carroll has been able to recruit almost anyone nationally he wants since he started winning, and SC will be able to plug the holes for this Fall and make it back to the BCS. They won't however be the automatic conference favorites with California, Arizona St, and Oregon making a challenge.

One significant set of numbers to remember about the Trojans going into 2007 is 48-4. That is their record over the past four years, pretty incredible. They know how to win, and don't ever count them out, they are currently the nations elite program.

John David Booty, and Mike Sanchez will battle it out this Fall for the QB position. Booty had the job going into Spring but suffered a back injury that required surgery. We saw what Booty could do last year in Husky stadium and we had his number, a definite fall off from Leinhart. Sanchez had a great Spring then ran into a date rape charge at the end of Spring. He was cleared, but it shows that the party continues down there, and that doesn't win championships.

At RB the Trojans will have a young stable ready to compete for one of the most glorified positions in football, USC Tailback. Chauncey Washington has the experience, but any number of young players such as Staffon Johnson could knock him off. Whoever runs the ball can rest assured that the hosses up front will be of the All American variety, Byers, Chacal, and Baker lead a talented, and deep group. Those names should sound familiar since UW actively recruited the same guys.

Jarrett is going to have to sit out a few games this year, but he should be back for this one. Don't feel sorry for the Trojans because they are just as deep as ever at WR with young talent. Calling the next phenom from the depth. What the Trojans lack in experience will be made up by depth and talent.

Defensively the Trojans were off last year, and it cost them the NC against Texas. Washington was even able to move the ball on them last year. The defensive of course is made up of mostly HS All Americans, so there is a lot talent there. The linebackers will their most impressive defensive unit coming into the season.

Why will USC Win?

Lots of talent and depth, a new top five class every year.

USC has superior talent at ever position.

One of the best offensive lines in football will give the inexperienced Trojan RB's a lot of room.

One of the best receiving corps in the nation will be able to score points against the Husky D.

Trojans will control the line of scrimmage giving them a shorter field all day long.

Pete Carroll is one of the nations best coaches.

The game is played in Los Angeles.

How can Washington win?

The Trojans would have to absolutely self destruct for Washington to win because of the wide gap in talent. It does happen from time to time.

Turnovers that result in Touchdowns. (See under self destruct)

The USC culture melt down continues during the season causing the Trojans to lose focus.

We owned Booty when he was put in the game last year. He didn't look special, and he even threw an interception. Leinhart was one of the best collegiate QB's ever, replacing him won't be easy. Whoever starts won't be near his level.

What do I think?

I don't think we are in these guys league. They are probably better than Oklahoma. I think they will end up in a BCS Bowl even if they don't win the conference. They could just as easily go undefeated again too.

This is the type of year where SC could lose to a few of the teams on their schedule. ND, Oregon, California, Arizona St. . I don't think UW makes the list.

UW be in it for awhile, but they are likely to be worn down by bigger, faster, and more talented athletes. I do think we can score on them, we scored 24 last year. I don't think there offense will be anything like it has been in past years. So we are in for a much closer game. I predict the Trojans put it way sometime in the 3rd quarter and win 37 -21.

USC 37 UW 21 (4-2)


hairofthedawg said...

In my dream scenario, we take the opening kickoff in for a TD, return an INT for a TD on the next series and cause a fumble and score in some manner on the next. SC's demoralized for the rest of the half and we struggle to match their depth in the second, squeaking out a win.

I think you're a lot closer to the truth though, but a man can dream!

Health Insurance Expert said...

It will take something like that, but it does happen.

prrbrr said...

HoD, I love your dream, its so much better than my nightmare. This game is really important in that we must not quit, show vast improvement in our schemes and execution, and not get embarassed; too often that has happened down here in SoCal in front of potential recruits, and i am not talking about losing no 1 or 2 prospects, but 3 & 4 like we used to get who now go to UO, and Cal.

hairofthedawg said...

I said this in another comment, not certain which without looking, but if John's predictions bear out and we're 4-1 and catch, not necessarily all, but some of the breaks my dream contains...confidence to me is the key. In the few games I've watched over the past couple of years we've been tentative. It may have been the UCLA game, or ND, but there was a pass that if Isaiah had thrown, or zipped the ball in there, TD, and close to game over. The confidence wasn't there.

I'm not sure how you define where it's lacking, either his own in his throwing ability or in the receiver's ability to catch it, but that was the game...IMHO...sorry, had a few beers on a day off.

Anyway, don't mean to rant, but stranger upsets have happened and I'm always hopeful.

You're also right about the recruiting, at least in my mind. I read some people that think that if a recruit watches a weak team he sees instant playing time. I don't really like that, true or not. I'd rather have the guys that want to come and kick some ass to take their playing time.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Well, in my dream scenario a few more of these guys are eligible come Aug 6th.

To be 4-1 going into the SC game the offensive line needs to perform beyond expectations, and the RB's need to be healthy.

Flowers not making it in is a big loss if that turns out to be true.