Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Correction on the Term Pistol

Now on to Pistol...

I heard someone label it a "Washington Pistol" incorrectly unbeknown to me after the game, and went with it because it sounded so cool, but my actual description of it is all West Virginia Veer. I think we bury the name "Washington Pistol" even though UW will vary how far Locker lines up behind center at times during the year.

You can call it what you would like, Spread, WV Veer, Pistol...etc....but from a descriptive definition it is a triple option type offense run from the shotgun which allows the team to pass without breaking into a different formation to do so. It is an offense designed for a QB who can run, and pass well. You can accurately call the passing formations a spread, and the running parts Veer based.

The true Pistol is what Nevada runs, it is called a pistol because the QB lines up 3-4 yards behind the center. Syracuse actually ran a West Coast pistol on Friday because of the way the QB lined up behind center.

I think we think up a new name for Washington's derivative because as it evolves it will differ from what West Virginia specifically is doing.

Once again I apologize for creating any confusion. I heard the phrase "Washington Pistol" after the game and went with it because it sounded so cool. After further investigation of course it isn't an accurate phrase to describe what we watched on Friday night.

Husky Crew Victorious in Moscow

"The Washington mens' varsity eight beat a field that included Cambridge, Oxford and Moscow State University in the 2007 Moscow Race of Champions on the Moskva River in Russia, according to an account on

The Huskies, who won the 2007 IRA championship last spring, finished ahead of Cambridge to earn the win Saturday night in Moscow, in a race that was part of the Russian capital's "Day of Moscow" activities, marking the 860th anniversary of the founding of the city."

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