Monday, September 10, 2007

The Weekly Poll Question

Last week I asked:

Will Washington Beat Boise State?

Yes 63% (39 votes)

Yes, and by more than two touchdowns 16% (10 votes)

No 21% (13 votes)

Last weeks question of course has been already answered on the field. Washington indeed won the game by two touchdowns over the three point favorite Boise State. I was however surprised that that the scoring was so low. I guess when both teams shut each other out in the second half that happens.

This week I ask:

Will Washington beat Ohio State?

This is a simple yes, and no question, and I think this game is going to be quite a bit closer. Ohio State may be rebuilding, but they have great athletes at every position. UW is going up against a team that probably has more talent overall than they do. Ohio State may have more overall talent and depth, but is it in the right places? Does that talent have enough experience to beat UW on the road after a couple of games against lees than stellar competition?

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