Monday, September 03, 2007

The Weekly Poll Question

Will Washington win the first two games of the year?

Yes 69% (37 votes)

No 11% (6 votes)

They Split 20% (11 votes)

For the record I voted yes on this one, and after watching the game last Friday I feel pretty secure about the way I voted as I am sure most of you do. We still have Boise State on Saturday, but we are Washington, we should expect to beat WAC teams.

This weeks question:

Will Washington Beat Boise State?

Ok, just a variation on last weeks question, but what a difference a week makes? Last week we thought we would be fortunate to pull out a close one with Syracuse. this week we are riding high after absolutely thrashing an opponent on the road and putting together our most impressive win since the Oregon game in 2003.

This upcoming game of course isn't a gimme, but Boise State needs to show it can stop Jake Locker, and right now I will believe it when I see it. It isn't like I am expecting him to go undefeated over the next four years, but he sure looked good didn't he?

Tough to find a young QB with that many tools.

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