Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dan Raley on Lambo

Dan Raley wrote a nice column on Jim Lambright today in the PI

Jim will always have a special place in my heart because he taught me how to lift weights, and condition for football. His lack of selfishness helped me win a scholarship to a small college out of high school. Jim is a very nice man who deserved one heck of a lot better end to his career at UW. He wasn't perfect, he wasn't Don James, but he was perhaps the greatest Husky of all time. If you look at the entire history of Husky football it is hard to find a bigger contributor than Jim Lambright.

It is still tough for me to understand how you would pick Barbara Hedges over Jim Lambright.


hairofthedawg said...

I remember the coach that taught me how to lift weights too, also very fondly. I'm glad to hear he's doing well and is reconnected with the program.

prrbrr said...

Lambo, right guy, wrong timing. The downturn of his latter regime were the result of the 1993 scholly reductions, I remember Dman saying the effect wouldn't show for 3-5 years later when the recruits would have been seniors. A loyal DAWG.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I used to sneak into Tubby Graves when I was in HS. When I ran into coach Lambright I figured he would give me the boot, but no way, he actually took the time to work with me and never asked any questions. The guy had the most intense blue eyes, if he asked you for another rep, you didn't want to disapoint him.

He would be wrapping up his career at UW right now if that idiot Hedges hadn't canned him, and we would be in a lot better shape.