Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Husky Highlights via YouTube

I will be experimenting a little with YouTube this week. Click on this link to watch some Husky Highlights from the Syracuse game. This looks pretty good, so as these video's hit the net each week I will be posting them here.


hairofthedawg said...

Cool, that'll be nice John. I didn't play the clip you have up because I'm in the bar in Bahrain and don't have my headphones. Good beer and a great wi-fi connection. I enjoyed the clip someone linked to on dawgman from EDSBS. Looking forward to yours as well.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I thik it looks cool, has some great hi lites! The music of course comes with it and is a little rap heavy, but fitting.

prrbrr said...

1. Hie, OT but I just received an e mail from UW athletic site reminding me of this weeks activities. In the 5th quarter blurb they say come hear Husky Legend Dave Copay. I sent them an e mail already telling them of their spelling error, and how we need to treat our legends better. I have always been an attention to detail person in my life, so that one got me.
2. On another subject, wasn't there once an artical saying which few teams in Div 1A had never scheduled an Div 1aa opponent. I know UW was one of them but I also believe Michigan was one also, so now I guess that club is fewer by one. Do you remember that artical. I will ask Fetters on Ask Dawgman too.
3. Later, looks great. I love your site, did you notice Nathan Ware also gave you props in his blog recently.

Health Insurance Expert said...

1. I heard about the misspelling at Dawgman today. I think it is great that Dave is still involved, and it would be even better if they spelled a former All American's name correctly, no excuse for that.

2. I do remember the article, and I actually read it as part of this years Husky Press Guide which you can look at on Gohuskies.com. I hope we don't go that route, even though it gets harder to schedule w/o return games.

3. Nathan is a good guy, and another reason why we are really picking up readership. Last year it was just you, me, and Dick. Not a bad group, but I really think it will be hopping by the end of the year. I really owe you, and Dick a lot for participating from the first day.

prrbrr said...

HIE, my bad, saw the post on Dman when I went there, just came here first. But it still stands, no excuse for screwing up Husky legends. I agree with your assesment that today dave's announcement wouldn't cause a ripple, I guess you knew them at Queen Anne, IIRC.
2. Thanks for the track on where I had read that artical on 1A opponents, getting old and only so much capacity left.
3. And thank you for starting this site last year. It got really old at DMan with the neggies, I don't mind critical comment but It got to be like a 2nd grade class for awhile there. It was nice to come here and carry on an adukt Husky exchange, without a ND or Body builder's approach. The ignore feature at DMan has helped. I use it sparingly, an ex premium ND poster, A temperature weather guy, a talenegator, and the in love with self body builder. So once again thank you for running a great site. The info content continues to get better. I like the one stop shopping, although eventually I stumble into most of your sources, its nice to get the info in one place.
4. Here is to a better and more prosperous season for you and our Dawgs.

hairofthedawg said...

Finally in my room in Qatar...long day. Nice clip. I could watch Nate strip that TD and Reece knock the guy out of bounds blocking over and over. I saw a lot of good downfield blocks.

Oh yeah, I know I'm late, but Happy Anniversary and thank you Kate for letting your new husband keep this distant Dawg up to date.

dcdawg said...

Prrbrr said it all, I too love the one-stop shopping here, and appreciate your insights (I gather you used to play for UW, and/or know people who are currently close to the program?). And also appreciate the higher level of discourse compared to Dman, whose news and analysis is great (especially re recruiting) but I can't even look at the forums at all, just a waste of time. I hope the intelligent discussion remains the norm as more people find out about this blog.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I think that has been the goal since the get go, and that was to develop that higher level of discourse that has been missing since the early days of Dawgman.

I will give opinions on recruiting, but I am not going to cover it by calling kids up on the phone, that niche has been filled, but what we want to do is intelligently discuss it, and every other aspect of the program.

I think as more people join in we should be able to meet the challenge of keeping it positive, informative, and every once in awhile hit on an angle that was missed by everyone else.

I happen to love Dawgman, but this place gives me, and others a different pace, and attititude. I think it is important enough that it will catch on.

DC thanks for the comments, and I hope more people will join in the discusssion, friend, and foe alike.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Prrbrr...You know, I haven't used the ignore feature yet over at Dawgman. I do have one guy on your list though that is under serious consideration.

There are a few that I try not to read too much, if any. The list would be pretty similar to yours, with a couple additions.

Those additions would be 2-3 guys over there who aren't all that obnoxius, but just absolutely stupid. I think stupid bugs me more than obnoxious. Just a clue on one, I can't stand a large font post that is moronic. I mean what are you trying to do, put a poster on your forehead saying I am a moron?

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