Saturday, September 08, 2007

Washington vs Boise State Game Blog

It is about four hours from game time as I write this and all I have to say is thank god for Fall Saturdays. This is a big one, no doubt about it, and Boise State is a good opponent, but how good won't be answered till we strap on the helmets later today.

This isn't my usual Saturday, I am throwing a surprise birthday party to celebrated my wife's 4oth today. I have invited over sixty people who will start descending on the house approximately three hours after kickoff. It should be a pretty good time, and I wish you all could be here, but if you can't, I hope you made it to Montlake today.

Because of the party I won't be scripting the game in the blog today, I have too much to do to be able to do that, but I will be making comments after each quarter when I can, so pop in to see whats going on. I will also be in the chat room at Dawgman a bit, but for the most part will be running around getting this place ready in view of the television.

So go Dawg's, beat Boise, Mash Some Potato's, and I will check back in after the first quarter.

Brief summary

I didn't have time to blog during the game, but I did watch or listen to the game, and it looks to me like a return to old husky football. I thought Boise played as well as they could play but UW was the better team...two TD's better, and you gotta like that defense. Nice job Dawgs!....(see no


hairofthedawg said...

prrbrr, from your question a couple of posts back, it's a mix between third and first world, rapidly advancing toward the first, but not smoothly, if 5 days can tell a person that much. Off to watch the US vs. England in the Rugby World Cup and then hopefully take my laptop to the business center to join chat. Go Dawgs! Go USA!

hairofthedawg said...

USA lost 28-10 in what surprised me as a well played contest by the US. The Brits knew they had played a match, that's for sure. Please excuse any stupidity that may come from my keys as, even though I'm the most sober here, that's not saying much. Imagine that, a few hundred miles from Iran...buzzed...I'm enjoying it.

hairofthedawg said...

I'll take the first half, but what's weird is Oregon over Michigan by such a margin. I don't think the Ducks are a bad team but I also don't think they're good enough to be up by that much at the half in Ann Arbor.

Our matchup just keeps getting more interesting by the week.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog. Thanks for taking the time. I do have a suggestion, though: Please don't pluralize names by adding an apostrophe-s. It's Dawgs, not Dawg's. Broncos, not Bronco's. Use apostrophe-s for plurals only if you're plurazling letters: X's and O's.

Otherwise, keep up the great work. I'm digging it.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Thanks for the advice on pluralization, the spellchecker takes over, what can I say.

Great win for the Dawgs tonight!

Michael Wines said...

It was a nice solid victory for the Huskies and you're right Dawg, October 20th should be quite a show...