Friday, September 28, 2007

UW / USC Matchups

Quarterback - UW - You have the Heisman candidate surrounded by a bevy of stars surrounded by the future Heisman candidate surrounded by mere mortals. I take Locker for one reason, and that is foot speed, and rushing. He is going to need the foot speed to avoid the Trojan rush, and his rushing ability is always good for around 80 yards per game. USC if you remember had a tough time containing Stanback last year.

Running Backs - USC - The Trojans have eight guys in their stable who would be starting at UW this year. Chancey Washington is the main man, and not the most talented of the group. Fumbles are a problem with these guys, and if anything can keep UW in the game it is turnovers.

Wide Receivers - USC - The Huskies actually match up well when they hold onto the ball but they haven't done that lately. Booty is obviously the more accurate passer, and the Trojan wideouts have a lot more speed. I have to take the Trojans since the husky receivers have been in a slump, and their QB has been less than accurate.

Tight Ends - USC - Does UW even have any TE's anymore? Did you hear about the rumor of Kirton moving to DE next year? Kirton to me has been a waste at RB, and TE, the kid should have been a DE from the get go.

Offensive Line - USC - It's not even close on paper. UW OL's were on their back all last weekend, and now they go up against the best DL in the country.

Defensive Line - USC - USC starts a NFL draft pick at each position. Sedrick Ellis is a monster, a future #1 pick in the NFL draft. Can you say Steve Emtman? He has that ability.

Linebacker - USC - The Trojans have two starting LB's out for this game and even with that going on after the abysmal display by the Husky LB's last week I have to go with USC. UW could rally this week at this position, and prove me wrong.

Defensive Backs - USC - The Trojans have three guys who were slated to start this week at the beginning of the year out for the game, but you could have 6-7 out and they would still have more talent than the Huskies, or just about any other Pac Ten team in the defensive backfield.

Special Teams - USC - When you have this much talent stockpiled you have to get them out on the field. Great depth, speed and talent makes great special teams. Fresh fast guys going up against tired less talented guys later in the game really gives SC the edge. As far as punting, and placekicking goes it is actually pretty even. I don't have a lot of problems with Ballman, and Perkins at this point. Ballman will bounce back from last week at home.

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