Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Great Husky Passes

The Husky Nation bows it's head in silence for a moment today to mark the passing of All American, and Rose Bowl running back Jimmie Cain. Cain played for legendary Husky coach Jimmy Phelan in the 1930's.

Cain was a three-year starter for the Huskies from 1934-36, versatile enough to handle all four backfield positions, which he did. He rushed for 856 yards on 230 carries in his college career and led the team in scoring with six touchdowns as a senior. He never lost to USC in three meetings, providing the only UW points on a long run in a 6-2 victory as a junior.
His biggest thrill as a player was facing Pittsburgh in front of a record crowd of 87,196 in the 1937 Rose Bowl, a game the Huskies lost 21-0.

Puppy Chow

The Buckeyes are 7-3 against the UW. All 10 games have been during the regular season. The series began in 1957. The last time they played was the season opener in 2003. Ohio State was the defending national champion and beat the Huskies 28-9. In 1994, unranked Washington shocked No. 16 Ohio State 25-16 when Napoleon Kaufman had 278 all-purpose yards to break Hugh McElhenny's school record.

Ohio State has a healthy respect for Washington that is illustrated in this article from the Columbus Dispatch.

Throughout the summer, while fans and even some experts said Ohio State should traipse to an 8-0 record before its season started, offensive tackle Kirk Barton was steadfast in his dissent.
He kept saying that the trip to Washington on Sept. 15 was going to be a major challenge.

Another Ohio paper is worried about the matchup and doesn't think the Buckeyes are worthy of their lofty early season ranking.

Through two weeks, Ohio State’s No. 10 ranking is based on tradition, not merit. The only team to look worse, considering the competition, is Michigan, so at least they have that going for them. At least they’re not Lloyd Carr.

Speaking of Lloyd Carr, Freshman Ryan Mallett will start at quarterback for Michigan on Saturday against Notre Dame in a matchup of storied programs with 0-2 records this season — and he could have the job a few weeks longer. Injured Wolverines quarterback Chad Henne will not play against Notre Dame. Coach Lloyd Carr did not provide a timetable for Henne's return, listing him Monday as week to week. The senior was hurt in Saturday's 39-7 loss to Oregon.


prrbrr said...

HIE, here in SEA. Wx has been top notch. Filling up on great dim sum, Pho, and seafood. Right now sitting in our condo looking at Bay, mt rainier, downtown and reading dawg news. Foe some reason (operator error) couldn't get computer to work till last night, been catching up since. Always as good info from you on The OSU.
2. I agree with Nathan Ware, HS didn't seem as loud as it used to be, but maybe the fans need to relearn like the team did in how to play and win. Still. I think the crowd noise caused at least 1 penalty and maybe 1 more. Boise did not audible it appeared to me.
Boy is OSU big, I hope its fat and not muscle, I remember us getting manhandled in Columbus. Not sure the noise will be that big a factor as Buckeye stadium concrete enclosure is pretty loud, but our overhang eaves shold add a little more effect.
I have seen talk about how OSU fans treated them badly, our experiences with them are just the opposite. They were polite, helpful and knowledgable, much like Michigan but not as nice as ND. I hope we are gracious hosts to them. The only bad fans we saw were drunk students, just like at Mich but tops for bad students is ASU/Ore.
I am still not a fan of Baers defense, but I promise I will try to understand it better in light of it worked against BSU. I just have my doubts against a team with a good Sr QB, Booty, Brink, Dixon, Brennan or two year starters Longshore, Olson. Tuitama and Ostrander aren' great enough to hurt us in his defense. So that leaves the 2 OSU QBs, Canfield not good) at Ore St and this weeks guy Boeckman? of Ohio. I still feel we should try to pressure this guy but it might be better to stop the run and force him to beat the Dawgs with his arm. Be curious to see how Baer game plans it. In any event, I guess I will see more of his philosophy in action and then decide, opposite where I was last year as I hated it and refused to look at its merits.
Very long, sorry but like I said, been off line too long figuring out what was wrong. Will be going to practice tomorrow. Also good news, just got upgraded to TYEE 900 seats for bball this season yesterday. But one sport and game at a time, Kampai, prrbrr.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I think Google went down for about a half hour last night at around 11 pm PST for some reason.

It will take awhile for the crowd noise to build up. UW was in control most of the time against Boise, so that has something to do with it. Where is Rob Weller when you need him? They should be louder for OSU.

OSU is big, and they are always big, but the Big Ten traditionally lacks speed. Those who have seen this OSU team play have not been impressed at all.

On the road anything can happen to a visiting fan. Rule of thumb is dont over dress and make yourself a target, wear your loud purple and gold in the stands, not in the parking lot. Most of the problems come from drunken kids.

Baer's defense is working, and it protects are weaknesses. If you expose those weaknesses than you really, really won't like Baer.

This time is going to improve in quantum leaps over the next few weeks as all young teams do...be patient.

Once kids like McDowell, and Williams get more experience, plus the return of a health Davenport you will like the direction Baer is headed.

I also fear the Pac Ten schedule, i really don't see a breather coming all season except for Stanford, and by the way Stanford beat us last year.

I do expect us to be 3-0 on Saturday night, and Ty, and staff always outcoach Dorrell. We might lose down there depending on how the bounces go, but it is going to be close.