Friday, September 21, 2007

Weekly Predictions

I am a day late this week with the predictions due to a busy schedule that has persisted throughout the week. I went 13-5 last week, and I am 29-10 for the year. I missed on Ohio State, Florida State, Stanford, New Mexico, and Utah.

Picking San Jose to beat Stanford was silly, but I thought Tomey had a lot more going. This loss by the way really minimizes ASU's opening win over the Spartans. Arizona losing to New Mexico? UCLA getting blown out by Utah? Colorado failing to right the ship against Florida State? I also picked the Huskies by two TD's over tOSU and that didn't work out either. A fellow blogger from tOSU kindly called this a homer site, but I really felt we would win. Eliminate the mistakes, and it would have happened.

Miami beat Texas A&M last night on ESPN. I didn't get the chance to watch it, but the Aggie's are in trouble losing to this outfit.

Pac Ten Games

A full slate of conference action is scheduled this weekend as the in league schedule starts in earnest.

Washington at UCLA

The Huskies break the Rose Bowl jinx as Jake Locker runs all over the Bruins. Louis Rankin has had career games against the Bruins. Ty Willingham owns Karl Dorrell.

Oregon State at Arizona State

The Beavers break a jinx of their own getting past the Sun Devils on the road for the first time since 1969. ASU hasn't impressed me much even though they are 3-0. OSU on the other hand hasn't impressed me much either. I think OSU, and the Beavers have more on the line here and will be prepared. Keep an eye on both QB's, the team who gets the best performance out of them will win the game.

Oregon at Stanford

The Ducks are going to rock and roll over the Cardinal. Bring a calculator because the Duck offense is going to score plenty of points. This will be an interesting game to judge Harbaugh's progress, but like earlier in the year against UCLA the Cards don't have the horses yet.

WSU at Southern California

WSU will score a couple of touchdowns to keep it interested, but the Trojans will have a field day with the Coug defense.

Arizona at California

The Mike Stoops farewell tour steps in Berkeley this week. This one isn't going to be pretty. The UA defense is hurting, and the UA offense hasn't shown up yet this season.

National Games

South Carolina at LSU

I love the Gamecocks and Spurrier, but LSU is in a different league. It isn't going to be close.

Penn State at Michigan

Joe Paterno will add another nail to Lloyd Carr's coffin in Ann Arbor.

Georgia at Alabama

I have to go with Saban and Bama in this one since it is at their home field.

Kentucky at Arkansas

Look for the resurgent Wildcats to overcome the Razorbacks on the road. Nice job Rich Brooks!

Michigan State at Notre Dame

This was the beginning of the end for the Spartans last year when they let the Irish off the hook. This year the only hook will be the one stuck in Fat Charlie's mouth. A 0-4 start for Notre Dame? Why not you have to like it! With Purdue, UCLA, BC, and USC up after MSU the Irish are likely to start 0-8, and won't that be delicious? The Irish finish up with Navy, Air Force, Duke, and Stanford so the prospect of 0-12 isn't likely.

Army at Boston College

The Eagles are for real and an ACC title contender after knocking off Georgia Tech last week. They will have no problem with the Cadets. I watch these guys because my wife went there, and I have to tell you, they are really good. They even have a Heisman contender on the roster.


Greg O'Byrne said...

Dammit I am the fool...

I voted in your poll for the Huskies to win. was easier, in some ways, when I knew they were horrible. Without hope I could accept the losses easier. Now that there is each loss seems to bite a bit more.

Greg O'Byrne said...

BTW here's a good college football site I've been involved with since 2000 or so.

They have a college football fan poll that anyone can participate in.

Just thought you might like to know about it.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Greg...if it is any consolation they are probably going to win...UCLA needs to rally to get it together. The Bruins have a lot of problems not to mention they are one of the few thems the Huskies own from a coaching perspective.

The QB position at UCLA is hanging by a hair, and they have 1/3 of their starters out this week....I like our chances.

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