Saturday, September 29, 2007

USC 27 Washington 24

It's Saturday morning, and we have a great slate of Pac Ten games going on this weekend. The marquee game is California at Oregon followed by USC at Washington. UCLA takes on Oregon State also and that should be a good game if the Beavers can stop turning the ball over.

The PI's take on Husky Stadium

It has been an interesting week concerning the football program in the media. The PI sports staff all expressed their opinions concerning Husky Stadium. Art Thiel wants it moved down the street toward University Village. The PI Editorial Staff wants it torn down with future games played at QWest. Dan Raley gives us the history of the stadium, a tour of current conditions inside, and a good look at the makeup of the stadium committee. Ted Miller talks about the need of a Sugar Daddy, and good old Jim Moore takes a swipe at the 1961 Rose Bowl team.

The PI really isn't anti Husky even though you have too many Cougars on the staff, they are however like any other branch of the media tired of the cold shoulder they get when trying to cover the team. UW needs friends right now if they are going to get this done.

I think the UW would just kill the program if they moved the games downtown, and the UW knows that. The current Turner led plan is an excellent idea, and deserves the full support of the community. Husky games on the shores of Montlake is a tradition that needs to be preserved for the next 100 years, and this is the best way to accomplish that. Stay tuned as they start a program to raise money for the initial stages.


Art then caps it all off with a very long story on the life of Tim Meamber. Tim of course became prominent again when he was interviewed by Dawgman's Derek Johnson after the Ohio State game. That interview set off a bit of a controversy in the Husky community because it attacked the current Husky defensive staff's coaching credibility. Art responds with an article which explains why I was hesitant to jump on the Meamber bandwagon with both feet firmly planted. I will leave it at that.

Husky Weather

As for today's game the Trojans are overwhelming favorites, and the Huskies best chance to win this game is with turnovers. Temperatures at gametime are going to be in the low 50's/high 40's, and it most likely will be raining. Wind will also be a factor as they expect gusts coming from the Southwest at 10-20 mph which can create a swirling effect in the stadium.

This is Husky Weather, and if there is one thing the Trojans hate to play in it is cold, rain, mixed with swirling winds. Historically teams have come up from LA, and have been derailed on days like this. USC has one flaw, and that is turnovers, weather like this promotes turnovers. Weather like this also can play havoc with a guy by the name of John David Booty.

I think the crowd will really be into this game. The late start means 4 1/2 hours more of tailgating. The throwback jersey's, Jim Owens, and the ceremonies honoring the 1960 Husky football team is going to stir up some emotions. I am not coming out saying that there is going to be an upset today, but the weather is cooperating, and the crowd should be extra loud, and emotional for this one.

USC LB Keith Rivers may be out of this one after suffering an injury in practice this week. that would mean that all three starting USC LB's may miss this game. No determination on Rivers official status till kickoff. Three LB's and two CB's out? I like that when that happens.

California 31 Oregon 24

The Ducks came out to start the game on defense, and just shut the Bears down. It's still early, but I think Oregon is going to kill these guys. Scoreless midway through the first quarter, but it will heat up. First quarter ends with Oregon leading 3-0. 10- 3 at the half in a surprising defensive struggle so far. Both teams are moving the ball, but neither are putting it in the endzone much. Expect that to change in the third quarter. Oregon has held Cal to 23 yards rushing.

Bears draw first blood in the second half and seem to have it going. 10-10 midway through the third quarter. Ducks answer on the next possession with a 42 yard Dixon to Colvin strike. 17-10 Ducks.

Cal answers quickly on the next drive, and the track meet is on....17-17 as the 4th quarter starts. Cal gets the ball back in good field position and drives again goes up 24-17 after a fantastic DeSean Jackson recepetion, and run with the ball. There isn't anyone else like Jackson in the conference. Oregon fumbles the return, and it is really going to hurt, Cal is about to blow it open. Oregon dodges the bullet with a great defensive stand pushing the Bears out of field goal range with 10:16 to go. Cal has outgained UO 240-99 in the second half so far.

Oregon puts together a ninety yard drive and ties it back up 24-24. Nice series by Dixon. Cal's Nate Longshore goes down with a leg injury, looks like he will be back next series. Cal's next drive stalls, and they have to punt. Oregon throws an interception on the first play to O'Dea product Anthony Felder. Longhore comes back, and Cal scores the go ahead TD to go ahead 31-24. Oregon starts from their own 30 with 3 minutes left. Stewart rips off a 23 yard run against a tired Cal defense. Dixon throws another interception deep in Cal territory, and the Ducks are going to go down at home to Cal. Still a little time, but the Ducks have to burn all their timeouts and stop the Bears to get the ball back. Oregon has one last shot with 1:45 left. Oregon is inside the Cal ten yard line with 22 seconds to go. Oregon is at the goal line, and Cameron Colvin fumbles it out of bounds, and it is ruled a touchback which means Cal regains possession at the twenty, and holds on to win the game. Tough loss for the Ducks.

Penn State Upset By Illinois

Illinois knocked off Penn State 27-20 today in what is the upset of the day so far. Ron Zook has that program headed in the right direction. Of course if you ask opposing Big Ten coaches they will say that direction is probation.

Colorado Upsets Oklahoma 27-24

Dan Hawkins teams rallies to win the game on a last second field goal. Nice to see that he is having a better second year in Boulder. A signature win for Dan Hawkins.

Kansas State upsets Texas 41-21

The Longhorns have been on and off this year, and today they were completely off.

UCLA 40 Oregon State 14

The Beavers put together a nice drive and score first early, 7-0 OSU. The Beavers have moved out to a 14-3 lead in the second quarter. 14-6 OSU at the half. 14-12 in the third quarter. UCLA scored 21 points in the 4th quarter and now leads 33-14.

Arizona 48 WSU 20

Willie Tuitama threw for five touchdowns and freshman Nicolas Grigsby rushed for 186 yards in his second Arizona start, leading the Wildcats to a 48-20 victory over Washington State tonight.

Arizona State 41 Stanford 3

Rudy Carpenter threw a 62-yard touchdown pass to Rudy Burgess late in the second quarter and Omar Bolden returned an interception for a score on the next play from scrimmage to lead the 23rd-ranked Sun Devils to a 41-3 victory over Stanford on Saturday night.

Southern Cal 27 UW 24

The Huskies receive and drive the length of the field only to have it intercepted at the Trojan five yard line. Just a bad read by Locker. USC throws an interception, and UW is back in business. USC has three personal fouls in the first quarter. Locker is on fire early, he is very accurate from the get go. USC stops them, and forces them to punt which will give SC the long field to work with. The first quarter ends scoreless, and UW has all the style points so far.

UW and USC exchange punts at the start of the second quarter. USC is still backed up at the Husky 15. USC fumbles and UW takes over at the Trojan 15! Locker runs it in and it is 7-0 UW. USC then marches down the field and scores after Mesphin Forrester bites on play action, 7-7 midway through the second quarter. CB Shareece Wright is now out for USC. UW is driving again and things are clicking on offense. USC get it's 4th personal field. Lots of USC cheap shots tonight. UW pins back USC inside the twenty again which is probably the best type of defense we can play.

USC puts together a long drive from the Husky 15, and takes it to the UW 17. The Huskies are stopping the run, but not the pass. USC witht he aid of a UW personal fouls competes the drive and puts it in the endzone. 14-7 USC with 4:15 left. UW takes the ball goes 3 and out and has to give the ball back to SC with plenty of time left in the half. USC starts at their own 39. USC is attacking the middle and trying to stretch the field. UW's Forrester intercepts, and takes it to the house and ties the score at 14-14!!! We have ourselves a ballgame!

USC rips off a 53 yard run to the Husky five. UW holds, and on 4th down the USC FG team has to come out. 17-14 USC with 16 seconds left, and it ends like that.

Great first half!

USC starts at their own 15. USC drives methodically down the field, and the UW defense is bending way too much. USC has third and long from the 29, and gets a holding call. Third and 21 from the Husky 39. USC hits a short pass to settle for the field goal, and they miss it!

UW takes over from their own 16. This drive could set the tone for the rest of the evening as the Huskies go 3 and out. Locker over thre a guy on 3rd and 2, not the best call. USC takes over after the punt at their own 40. USC gets a nice run after the pass on a third down, too bad, it was stopped. They are driving again. USC is down to the UW 30. SC gets another holding penalty. Booty hits Davis to the Husky 1 on a 33 yard USC uses the TE. USC drives it into th endzone. USC 24-14.

Rankin rips off a 24 yard drive to start the next drive. Jake faces a third and 12 as USC starts to shut down the passing game. Huskies have to punt, and back the Trojans up to the eight. Trojans go 3, and out. Trojans run into the returner and draw another penalty. UW starts at the 43. Locker drives them for a first down, but the Huskies lose a few on the next play but recover their own fumble. 24-14 USC heading into the 4th quarter.

Huskies pick up a great break as Taylor Mays commits pass interference. Huskies have the ball on the Trojan 27. Holding wipes out a big play. Another pass interference call on USC. This is a time consuming penalty sustained drive. UW settle for the FG. 24-17. USC with plenty of time left in the 4th quarter. USC is letting the underdog hang around way too long. USC gets sacked on the first play for a big loss. USC goes 3 and out!

UW starts out at their own 36 with lots of time left down only 7. UW has to punt after a couple of gains. USC's defense is not missing tackles. USC starts again from their own 15. USC goes 3 and out again. UW is disrupting them. Russo fumbles the punt idea what he was trying to do there....just fair catch it at midfield.

SC starts out at UW 45. They end up with a third and 3. UW has them stopped but four missed tackles allows a first down. USC bangs it on down to the Husky 20. UW's Davenport intercepts the ball in the endzone. The play is under review because after further review Davenport trapped the ball. USC sends in the FG team. USC hit, it and leads have they dodged a bullet. So close but yet so far in the final minutes of the 4th quarter. Hell of an effort by the Dawgs tonight.

Rankin gets a nice return to midfield. Locker takes over, and hits Russo for a very nice gain to the Trojan 35, then he is sacked at the 40. Huskies decide to go for it on 4th and 16 with 2:17 to go. Locker hits a big gainer to the USC five, but it is called back because Locker went over the line. So USC takes over and tries to run out the clock but ends up going 3 and out.

UW blocks the USC punt and returns it to the USC 10. Huskies throw a quick out to Reese at the 2. Locker takes it to the one, than they score the TD!!!

USC 27 UW 24 with 34 seconds left.

Huskies line up for the onside kick, and it is unsuccesful.

USC just has to run the clock out, and escape Seattle.


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Woke up late, but it was nice to see it 0-0..touchdown~!!!!! Nice after Garcia went out. It looks like a hard hitting game and the crowd is in it big time.

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Great first half, we are doing what we need to do.