Thursday, September 06, 2007

Weekly Predictions

Last week I was 15-1 picking the winners. I screwed up by picking Notre Dame over Georgia Tech at home. I think I was trying to honestly give SLBOB a little slack.

I also was surprised by how ASU handled San Jose so easily, so if I was betting the spread on that one I would have lost. Picking BYU, over Arizona, and Clemson over Florida State turned out to be good calls.

Luckily I didn't have a pick last week on the Michigan vs Appalachian State game, nobody saw that one coming. Did you see the Appalachian State mascot/logo? It looks like either the Unibomber, or a character out of the movie "Deliverance".

Pac Ten Games

A strong schedule in the Pac Ten this week with USC taking the week off to heal after Idaho. To be fair the Trojans were holding the offense back because Nebraska is up next week.

Oregon State at Cincinnati

This weeks Thursday night game features OSU traveling to the Midwest to take on an improving C-USA Bearcat squad. OSU had a strong game against Utah, but QB Canfield didn't impress anyone in his first outting as starter. Bernard and OSU line should handle them with a little more smashmouth. The oddsmakers have the Beavers by 4.

(A quick note on this one, Cincinnatti is just blowing out Oregon State tonight 27-3 in the third quarter.)

Boise State at Washington

The Bronco's are favored, but Washington is going to be able these upstarts at home by a couple of touchdowns. Yes, I think Washington is for real. I pick Washington by 14. The men who make the odds favor Boise State by 3.

California at Colorado State

The Bear offense isn't going to have any trouble in Fort Collins this weekend, and we will also see a better defensive game from these guys against the lesser opponent. Keep an eye on the Cal defense, if they give up 20 or more points again it could spell trouble later in the season. the oddsmakers like the Bears by 14 1/2.

Northern Arizona at Arizona

Mike Stoops should even the record this week against the Big Sky opponent. This may be only one of the games they win this year based on last weeks performance, but BYU is a pretty good team. No line, and that is how Mike likes it.

Oregon at Michigan

Last weeks loss to Appalachian State had to be just gruesome for the formerly ranked #5 Wolverine's. Oregon is one helluva a lot better than A-State, but then again, so is Michigan which should be on fire when the Ducks hit the field. I am going with Michigan by ten. the oddsmakers are going with Michigan by 8.


The Cougars had no problem with Arizona last week, but this week they step it up a notch taking on a very talented UCLA team. UCLA didn't look impressive to me against Stanford for three quarters as the Cards didn't fold till the fourth quarter. This one is going to be close, and I take UCLA by three since they are at home. The oddsmakers have the Bruins at 7 1/2.

San Diego State at Washington State

The other Cougars stuck with a much more talented Wisconsin team till the fourth quarter in Madison. The Coug's will even their record at home against the Aztecs. WSU showed that they can score some points against a tough defense, but they also showed they can give up points in bunches. The oddsmakers like the Cougars by 14.

Colorado at Arizona State

ASU came out firing on all cylinders against a good SJSU team last weekend. That is bad news for the Pac Ten because it means that Dennis Erickson is ahead of schedule. The Devils will have little trouble with the rebuilding Buff's who edged CSU last week in Denver. ASU by 14. The oodsmakers take ASU by 15.

National Games

We get some interesting early games this week of national importance, but I doin't see any Division 1-AA upsets on the horizon.

Virginia Tech at LSU

V-Tech has emotion on it's side going into this one, and they are going to need it because LSU is the second best team in the country. All of us would like to see Miles lose, but I think LSU wins by three in a close one. This just happens to be the game of the week. the oddsmakers like LSU quite a bit and are going with 13.

TCU at Texas

TCU is a very good football team, and highly ranked Texas almost had an A-State disaster of it's own last week against Arkansas State. I am picking TCU by a TD in this one. I don't see the Longhorns holding that high powered offense down enough to win. This is my upset special. The oddsmakers like Texas by 9 1/2.

Miami at Oklahoma

This is a big game for Miami as they continue to rebuild. I don't think they have enough to stay with Oklahoma, but it should be interesting. Sooners by ten, and I wish they could both lose. The oddsmakers have the Sooners by 11.

Georgia at South Carolina

Georgia is favored, but the USC is overdue under the old ball coach to upset somebody at home, and I think this is the week he makes some noise. SC by 3. The oddsmakers like Georgia at 5 1/2.

Notre Dame at Penn State

The Irish looked terrible last week with most of Ty's players gone. They aren't going to look any better this week against an even better Penn State team. PSU by 17. What you are looking for from Notre Dame is for them to lose enough early games to get knocked out of BCS

consideration. ND has talent, and will do better in the second half of the season. The oddsmakers are also saying PSU by 17.

Nebraska at Wake Forest

Wake played tough in its loss to Boston College last week, and I think they have enough waggles to beat an over rated Nebraska team at home. Nebraska just might be looking ahead to USC. WFU by three. The oddsmakers have Nebraska by 9.

North Carolina State at Boston College

BC outlasted Wake Forest last week and they even have another memeber of the Flutie family in the lineup again. I am going with BC in this one by two TD's. Once again it is tough for me to pick BC to lose since my wife is an alumni and will kill me if I do. How about that for science. The oddsmakers also like the Eagles by 14.

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