Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Weekly Predictions

Last week I was 11-4 after opening the season 15-1 which gives me a record of 26-5. Texas, Michigan, Wake Forest, Oregon State let me down. Picking TCU to beat Texas was going way out on the limb, and nobody saw Oregon kicking butt in the Big House. I did predict the South Carolina upset which was nice.

Pac Ten Games

Ohio State at Washington

The odds makers have the Buckeyes favored by four but the husky defense and Jake Locker will prove to be too much for Ohio State. I take Washington by 14.

USC at Nebraska

The Trojans play their first real game of the 2007 season in Lincoln. Troy is favored by 10 and I think that is about right. This will be a good way to gauge if the Trojans have re-powered their offense.

Fresno State at Oregon

I don't think the Bulldogs can play with these guys this year, the odds makers don't either installing the Ducks as 16 point favorites. I say the Ducks by 21.

Louisiana Tech vs California

This one is a mismatch on paper, but Tech took Hawaii to overtime last weekend, and Cal's offense gives up a lot of points. Cal is a 33 1/2 point favorite, and I say the Bears win by only 17.

Utah at UCLA

This one is easy, the Bruins should blow these guys out of the Rose Bowl. The odds makers have it at 14, and that is about right for a Dorrell coached team.

San Jose State at Stanford

I have to take San Jose State by 7 points in this one which is the current line.

San Diego State at Arizona State

The line is 28, but ASU will probably win by more. SDSU sucks as we saw last week when they played WSU and made Alex Brink look all world.

New Mexico at Arizona

The Wildcats are favored by 10, and undefeated in Division I-AA, but they take a step up in competition this week. I have to take the Mildcats by 3.

Idaho at WSU

The Coug's are favored by 28, and that is about right in this stinker.

Idaho State at Oregon St

The Beavers will by 35, and this game is such a stinker they aren't even running a line on it. OSU should be ashamed for scheduling this game!

National Games

Notre Dame at Michigan

Usually this is a pretty big game, but both teams come in 0-2 and sport untested quarterbacks. the line says Michigan by 7, but anything can happen because both of these teams stink. I take Michigan by 7.

Tennessee at Florida

I would love to see the Orange and White beat the Gators one of these days, but this won't be the day. Florida is the eight point favorite, and that is about right.

Florida State at Colorado

FSU is favored by 4, but Hawkins is due. I take Colorado by 3 in this one. Just another nail in a good ole boys coffin.

Middle Tennessee St at LSU

I usually wouldn't predict a game like this, but did you see how MTSU stayed with Louisville last week? No spread on this one yet, but if there was I would bet on MTSU to beat the spread.

Boston College at Georgia Tech

This is a big one in the ACC, and the Rambling Wreck is favored by 7. I like BC, my wife went there, so I am going out on a limb and picking BC to keep peace in the family. (When she isn't watching put me down for Georgia Tech...shhhh)

Louisville at Kentucky

Rich Brooks has quietly been rebuilding Kentucky, and Louisville looks a little down to me. The bookies have the Cards by 7, but I am predicting an upset.

Arkansas at Alabama

I can't understand why Arkansas is rated, the odds makers can't either because they have the Tide by 3. I can go with that.


Chris said...

By 14 over the Buckeyes? I know you are supposed to make a homer pick but let's get reasonable. Bucks outright win.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I heard a lot of the same stuff after I predicted UW over Boise by 14. I really try to be objective, and I don't think your offense can score 20 points, maybe not even 10, so if you win it is going to be all defense, and that is tough to do against a decent offensive team.