Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nathan Ware Comments on Art Thiel's Latest

Art Thiel did a good article about UW's options for stadium funding.

Below is a link to Nathan's comments.

I'm beginning to wonder how long UW is willing to wait out the legislative process. They aren't getting money this year and I think it's very unlikely that they'll get money next year. There are too many factors working against them, i.e. recession fears, etc.

However, time might be on the school's side because the liability grows every year and maybe the state will be forced to help out if the stadium gets worse. That's a big "maybe".

Selling the name of Husky Stadium?

You hate to see it, but it might be a key piece of the funding neccesary to get it going. One thing has been missing in all this, and that is a solid plan presented to the public, and any effort to raise funds privately from donors.


dadcojohn said...

JB, I'm wondering if the UW is considering beginning in December anyway. If we have determined that it is a safty hazard and we have to fix the lower bowl and the longer we wait the more it costs why not begin right away and deal with the sate in the next session. I have no problem selling the rights. Others have done it (Hec Ed too) and you get used to it. If that is what it takes I say go for it. Also, if boosters see they are serious about this it might spur on fundraising efforts.

John Berkowitz said...

They can't start till they determine where the funding is coming from. They have been maintaining that there is no "Plan B", and they haven't started any type of drive for private donations.

Microsoft Field at Husky Stadium....I have no problem with that. Whatever it takes to get it done ASAP.

t9odawg said...

As long as it's still Husky Stadium in the end they can sell naming as many naming rights as they can. I think Olympia is looking at the excess revenue from the existing Kingco hotel/motel, etc. tax as found money and will want to use it to appease their union bosses although I was surprised to see them turn down some teacher raises.

John Berkowitz said...

Union contractors would do the work on Husky Stadium.

There is also the question that the surplus should be used for repairs to Safeco Field when they become neccesary, and they will become neccesary.

t9odawg said...

Olympia never met a surplus they couldn't spend. The teachers and the state workers unions are the union bosses I refer to. If the union contractors offer donate to big legislative campaigns it would happen this session, call me a cynic but follow the money.
When it comes time to repair Safeco the legislature will cry poverty and pass another "fee" to pay for the repairs. Our legislature adds "fees" to avoid being accused of raising taxes. Our car tabs are a good example, there is now a weight fee, a fee for replacement plates (someone convinced the legislature that plates become unreadable after 7 years). Our $30 car tabs are up to $80 to $100+ in seven years. All in new